beard or no beard?

Beards are great.  They turn into icicles in winter; they accommodate a slightly lazier shaving schedule; they don't cut your lady's face when you're having a make out session.


downy soft beard


BUT.  Clean shaven is kind of great too.  Pilots are clean shaven; we haven't had a president with a beard since Benjamin Harrison (and who remembers that guy???)*, and Justin Bieber is clean shaven.** 


OMG, is that justin bieber?


Such a hard decision.  I will leave it to democracy to choose.***


contemplative and smooth


beard shock


in between and SERIOUS for realz


What do you say? Beard or no beard? * - Mustaches excluded and if I'm wrong, blame Wikipedia, the people's encyclopedia.  So basically, it's your fault. ** - clean waxed?  clean plucked?  just clean? *** - "democracy" may have been more accurate.  think florida circa 2000.

Group 7