For awhile now, I've felt satisfied with the space I've been in.  I was happy in the smaller space, excited by how quickly my world was moving forward.  I felt the wind at my back and I just started rolling with it.  Though all of this was beautiful and inspiring for me, I never quite felt like the workspace was completely in its notch.  The puzzle pieces were next to each other.  You could see that the outer edges suggested a match, a perfect match, but they weren't hugging each other yet. 


those hands


I feel like that day has come.  The clicker is working, the bell is about to ring, the birds are chirping, and the puzzle is about to be solved.  The current space and the way it's coming together is ---blowing. me. away.  I am walking into this space in the mornings thinking---wow, I am exactly where I want to be.  The hands that have made this what it is becoming are all hands I know, all hands I've touched.  ...and my own. 


where will these be?? come find out tomorrow!




I LOVE my saw, says W.


I think we can make it!!


Now we're down to the final hours.  It reminds me of all my time in theatre.  Those last few days before the show goes up, one is often left thinking--how in the name of all that is good will we EVER be able to get THERE. And then after the curtain comes up, you make eyes with one of your partners and only you know where you've been to get ...there. 


transformation time.


Only you know that just last night, you were re-hanging the lights with bits of who-knows-what ALL over the floor, your biggest dreams and visions only moments away from being squashed, paint splatters where they shouldn't be, things falling off the walls, trips and near misses, tired eyes and hands, probably tears...disaster, really----lots of voices in your head saying--there is no way you're going to make it.   but you know what????  screw those voices.  because -------------- You do make it. That's just it:  you made it. I can't wait for that moment when we all look at each other...only us knowing how far we've come. If you're around between 3 and 9 pm tomorrow, please come by and see how far we've come.  Click the link for details: LOVE to you all. b ***Song of the Moment: Vesuvius, by Sufjan Stevens***

Group 7