Another Day, Another Closet Collision.

Call it what you will: a side effect of spending 40+ hours together each week, shared tastes, or sheer coincidence, but we have a consistent habit of coming to work dressed similarly. It's probably a combination of all of the aforementioned, plus the fact that we're constantly feeding our betsy & iya addiction by shopping at work (off the clock, we swear!) so we end up with a lot of the same jewelry and accessories. Regardless the reason, it never ceases to delight me and provide countless photo ops. "Let's go gram" is pretty much my favorite thing to say, after all.

Closet Collision

From left to right:
  • Barrie proves that even Daphne is synched with our sartorial choices.
  • Me and Alyssa strike a pretty pose - if I do say so myself - in plaid. My skirt is a Portland Flea score, while Alyssa's dress is from Wanderlust Vintage aka her favorite place to shop.
  • Dressing alike knows no gender boundaries: Matty & Barrie work our favorite neutral this season, the Groceries infinity scarf + solid separates, knit beanies, and sassy facial expressions.

photo-39 And then there was the day when every one of us gals in the shop at that moment was wearing calf-high leather boots. If you could see my face, I'd say "this is my surprised face" and it'd be not surprised at all.

These weekly "twinning" incidents make me feel even closer to my coworkers. I love that even though we each have very distinct styles, we're similar enough to appreciate many of the same things. I will continue to document these incidents, don't ever worry about that.

xo Anna

***Song of the Moment: Double Vision by Foreigner***

Group 7