An old friend.

Music does this to me: I'm working today, hammering out silver and heart and time.  A fire is building in my belly.  A new song inched in and expanded so big that I can't stop thinking about it---him, the why and how, the beats, the rough voice, the simple lines.  I'm thinking about it the way one thinks of a new lover when s/he's been away too long (if even for only a few hours).  I'm wondering what it's doing, who it's singing to, why I care, what it will do to me.  I'm missing it when I'm not hearing it.  I'm trying to stare in at its soul.  We've just met, though it soothes me like an old friend.  I am falling in love. Music.  is.  everything. Bon Iver (meaning: good winter) just came into my life.


Justin Vernon's vocals on, Skinny Love really do something to me.  Raw and rough, real, simple and completely unpretentious.  I'm itching to get to the store and pick up the album, For Emma, Forever Ago. I read somewhere that less intelligent people listen to music emotionally, while more intelligent folks listen intellectually; i.e. the dummy listens to music and it helps him cry while the smarty pants notices how the bass line slips into the killer drum solo, while the vocal drone carries it.  However true this might be, I was so annoyed when I read it.  I mean, seriously, I'd rather be dubbed a musically mum idiot then only hear music technically.  How BORING!?!! I thought of that this morning while shamelessly playing Skinny Love on repeat and feeling blessed by the wealth of ideas running through my brain---an old friend reminding me to go and go and go. ***And then I thought of this song which will be the song of the moment: Oxygen, by Kotogoto.  One of the few songs written for me--my favorite.  If I couldn't see past the strings in this song, it never would have been written in the first place. (nothing beats a live performance of this one.  it's one of the best times when my heart goes on display.***
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