After this post, I will no longer be a Blogger virgin

Hello B.L.O.G. world! I have been wildly overwhelmed by the new opportunities I discover daily as I continue in this crazy jewelry business I've created. I remember months ago when I was finally adjusting to the whole Etsy phenom, there was a kind woman who loved my designs so, that she asked if I had a blog so she could follow my process. What the? YOU would want to follow MY process!?!! That was the moment it dawned on me to consider the word "blog" more than something funny created by the wily wily internets. After meeting with a new friend for breakfast and hearing her journey through the blogging world, I figured it wasn't too out of my reach and I needed to grab it before it got away. That was this morning... Behold, friends: betsy & iya... in bloggity blog form. My goals in this blog are to share with the world my inspirations in design--my failings, my successes, my joys, my pains, my pangs--and processes in creation. I might go on tangents. I might take you to parties. I might cry a little. I might pee my pants a little...laughing so hard. I am delighted to invite you into my journey. Thank you so much for checking me out. Good luck.Pictures of my studio to follow (need new camera badly...might do this one from new mac). ***Song of the Moment: Army of Ancients by Dr. Dog***
Group 7