After Hours Styling Party Fun.

To celebrate the day o' love this year we decided to pay tribute to our perennial Valentines, OUR CUSTOMERS. We ran an in-store raffle for our Portland peeps to enter during the first two weeks of February with the grand prize being an after-hours personal styling party for the winner PLUS a $100 gift certificate to spend in our shop. But we didn't stop there: the winner got to invite four of her friends who would each receive $25 gift certificates to use towards a purchase. party group Katelin our winner(far left) with her pals: Julia, Magaly, Casey (in front), Mira & Alexandria. Betsy & Ashley join the group in the picture on the right. Katelin was the lucky winner of the grand prize, and in a testament to her awesomeness, asked if she could bring an extra friend along. As with any betsy & iya party, the more, the merrier!

party during Party scenes: rack scanning, dress twirling, advice giving.

Ashley styling Ashley getting her workout going up down & every which way while styling Casey.

snacks The only three food groups you need: bites, bubbly & bling.

party during2 Mira demonstrates the fine art of shopping whilst cradling champagne; the group admires one of Casey's outfits; "We're from planet betsy & iya. We come in peace."

I know I speak for Betsy and Ashley as well when I say that this was a blast. We're more than happy to provide styling assistance every time you come to our shop, but it's also something we'd love to make even more special in the form of an after-hours event. Whether it's just for you or for a group of your best shopping buddies, we welcome any chance to pop some bubbly, try on clothes, and meet new people. Thanks, Katelin, Alexandria, Casey, Mira, Magaly, and Julia for spending your Sunday night with us. Interested in scheduling an after-hours styling session? Give us a call at 503-227-5482. Cheers, Anna

***Song of the Moment: Change Clothes by Jay-Z"

Group 7