betsy and iya wedding and engagement rings

Designed by founder Betsy Cross, our collection of wedding and engagement rings is comprised of six 14k gold rings, featuring white and black diamonds and hand-carved designs. It is a study in contrasts, balancing bold and delicate forms, soft and sharp lines, and masculine and feminine elements. Read more about the inspiration behind the collection here and here.



This collection explores Betsy’s fascination with the concept of two (or more!) discrete objects coming together to create something new, something that is greater than the sum of its parts. You will find that each ring in the collection can easily be worn on its own, in combination with the other rings, or in a matching set with your partner.



Each ring is an original betsy & iya design, first hand-carved in wax and then cast in-house using the lost wax casting method. Every aspect of the rings is handmade in our Portland, Oregon production studio from design sketches to final finish.



We used recycled metal whenever possible and materials that come from only honest, ethical, and reputable sources.



Our diamonds are conflict-free and only sourced from suppliers who adhere to The Kimberly Process.



Nickel allergies are known to cause dermal irritation and can develop with increased contact with your skin causing rashes. All our fine jewelry rings are made using 14K gold free of nickel.


Betsy Cross working on the Omnia Ring


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