A Trail from Mexico.

From the mask making studio of Alicia Martinez Alvarez. My mentor's mask making studio in the heart of Mexico City.

Picture of one of Teotihuacan's pyramids in Mexico.

Our day at Teotihuacan. How can one not be inspired in this place!?


I am often asked when I first got the inspiration for betsy & iya. I often reply, "Mexico City." The vibrant life and culture (literally, in color and also in spirit) paired with a strong maker community made it a personal breeding ground for inspiration. For the entire time I lived there, I was completely immersed in the creative community that thrives there. At the time, my focus was mask making and mask performance work. Yesterday, I spend most of the day at the library, gathering ideas and inspiration for a new collection. Most of the books I chose were connected to Mexico in some way or another. After about an hour flipping through, I came across a section dedicated to a master mask maker from Veracruz. After reading further, it occurred to me that I had met this man--I spent time in his beautiful studio, watching him work. I had the pleasure of visiting many mask studios while we were there. Their wood work fascinated and inspired me so much. This realization kind of blew me away. It felt like a sign, like wherever this inspiration leads, I'm in the right place.  

The working hands of a master tradition wooden mask maker in Veracruz. He signs my mask.


Multiple Mexico masks, old and new, hang on the walls and on the shelves of Alicia Martinez Alvarez's home in Mexico City. Old and new traditional Mexican masks in the beautiful home of Alicia Martinez Alvarez.


Mexican mask maker holding up a traditional Mexican mask. The joy of this mask maker touches my heart!


An ink drawing of Alicia in Mexico. A drawing I did of Alicia while we lived in Mexico.


A picture from inside Lino Mora Rivera's wood working studio.
Inside the studio of well-known Veracruz mask maker, Lino Mora Rivera.


A picture in a book of Lino Mora Rivera.
I discovered his photo in this book at the library yesterday. I've been in his studio in Veracruz.


Baskets hang on a bright blue wall in Mexico. Mask making day in Mexico in the outside bright and sunny studio.


In proces mask making in Mexico.
A mold of my head and the start of my mask


A colorful Mexican necklace and earrings lay side by side.
Margot van Voorhies Carr inspiring work.


Colorful Mexican tile
This color! The feeling! Gah! Mexico, I love you.


Library books laid out on a sunny windowsill.
Gathering inspiration at the library.


As I mentioned on instagram yesterday, I cannot WAIT to get my hands dirty. Thank you for the inspiration and kick in my butt, Mexico. I miss you. xo~betsy ***Song of the Moment: Impressions, by Danilo Perez***

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