A Silver Lining to these Many, Many, Many Clouds

There are only so many times I can talk about Fall, but what can I say? It sort of dominates the Northwest with its overcast skies, perpetual rain, and wet leaves covering the streets everywhere you look. Luckily, there's a sweet silver lining to this somewhat dreary season. As I sat at work on Saturday and looked outside at the pouring rain I wondered, "Some people love when it rains... I wonder what else people like about Fall?" So, I asked everyone in the shop what their favorite thing about Fall is and here's what they said!
Betsy: Oh... I love so much about Fall. How are you going to make me choose!?! It's a beautiful reminder of things changing, growing, new beginnings. I am a big fan of roasted vegetables/I love me a baked parsnip. The changing colors, the crisp air...all of it. If I had to narrow it down to 3, I would say: 1. Tree. The Blue Ridge Mountains. This is where I grew up and no other Fall has compared. 2. Strips of roasted parsnips (a.k.a. HEALTHY FRIES!) 3. The crisp morning air. More layers. The tip of my nose getting cold. Cuddling in full force. Will: My favorite thing about Fall is the cooking at home! Betsy and I had a super-duper social Summer, which was wonderful, but Fall is all about hunkering down at home with a good bowl of homemade stew. Matt: A scarf for every occasion. That's what Fall means to me! I love scarfs. It can make or break a day. Does that sound silly? If you said yes, you don't have enough scarfs. Feeling like Harry Potter? There's a scarf for that. Feeling dramatic? Well, Betty Davis, there's a scarf for that. Rain got you down? Get off your couch, go to the thrift store (or our store!!), and buy yourself a bright colored scarf to wash that grey away! Amory: Things I love about Fall: colors, petrichor, and squash!!! Having grown up in Virginia, I have a massive soft spot for Fall colors, and the Blue Ridge Parkway is one of my most favorite places to view Fall colors in all their glory (through just biking in Portland allows for some great west coast color viewing!). And petrichor: could there be a cooler word for such an amazing smell?!? Squash. Up there on the elite list of favorite foods that kale inhabits. What better time to start enjoying squash than Fall?
Alyssa: Halloween! Obvious choice, as you have heard me talking about it near non stop all month... I love the silly wonderful play of dressing up. A couple highlights over the years include huddling in a doorway with Bob Ross to escape the rain and introducing my life-long best friend to her now-husband at a friends party--she was dressed as Kat Von D and he was dressed as a ninja. Honestly, how could I not love something that ridiculous? Dear world, this is Alyssa and her Nana. Yes, this is real life! I guess Halloween (and devils) runs in the family!


Kelly: As Fall is my favorite season, there are a lot of things I'd like to mention: 1. The changing colors of leaves. 2. Drinking a cappuccino in a coffeehouse. 3. Wool socks & leather boots. 4. Cuddling under a heated blanket.
Kate: Caramel Apples!
Me: HOT CHOCOLATE!!! I feel no remorse when gulping down gallons of hot, creamy, chocolate goodness when it's freezing cold outside. That, and LAYERS! Layers all the time. Even during the summer I'm drenched in layers of apparel and accessories (you can ask Alyssa, she'll vouch for me), but when it's Fall, I am in full force! I've got leggings under my jeans, tank top under top under cardigan under jacket under rain coat, along with gloves, scarfs (sometimes two, no big deal), and a hat... Needless to say I am never cold. Thank you, Salt and Straw.


What is your favorite thing about Fall?!?! Tell me now! May you all enjoy the rest of your Fall season!!!! Hotchocolatelove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Autumn in New York by Ella Fitzgeral and Louis Armstrong***

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