A perfect match.

I'm great at spreadsheets.  I'm a good driver.  I have a recurring transfer set up that moves money to a savings account.  My last real job was as a business systems analyst (what?!).  And I'm Betsy's husband. The new betsy & iya design project is going to make you drool.  It's going to knock your socks off.  It's a huge step in a new direction for Betsy.  It's SO EXCITING.  And I'm getting to help.  Here's what I've been working on. 

a starting point


a middle point.

Boring?  Just a bunch of shapes on a computer screen?  Not for this guy.  I'm building little tools that Betsy takes to a crazy, huge, new place--precise foundations to organize, hone, perfect Betsy's sun flare creativity.  And THAT is super exciting. When you see what's she's been up to, you won't see my work.  But it will be there.  A perfect match. ***Song of the Moment: Armistice, by Phoenix***

Group 7