A New Woman.


(my wedding dress and wedding shoes.  it was muddy that day, what can I say?)

I feel as though I have emerged from the depths of something.  I am new, whole, re-energized, reinvigorated, re-inspired, re--everything.  Our wedding was magical; I had no idea it could be as beautiful as it was...everyone brought their most buoyant spirits and it was a day of rejoicing in love and friendship.    The honeymoon was perfect.  And somewhere in there, I grew another year older. I am full of love; I have SO much to share with you, and will do so---in time. For now, I'll give you this:






As I said...so full of love. ***Song of the Moment: No Place to Fall, by Townes Van Zandt*** ****All awesome photography by good friend, Lava Alapai...check out her website Venus Rising Photography.  She's great****
Group 7