2019 Bazaar - Textiles & Rugs

March 2, 2019 // 10am - 6pm // 1777 NW 24th Avenue, Portland, OR 97210


Ebrima Singateh

(above, his assistant below)

Ebrima has been importing goods from Africa for over 20 years, traveling back to Africa every year to gather new and exciting pieces to sell in the states. This year, we got Mudcloth from Mali and the brass bracelets we love from Nigeria. Ebrima is the father of 11 children, all of whom still live in Ghana. He currently lives in the Bronx and hopes to start bringing them to the states soon. His assistant lives in Seattle and is a major soccer fan - we may have bragged a little about the Timbers!

Bashir Tribal Rugs

Wally and Roy, a father-son duo, run this business together. Every year, they lay their rugs out on display in the parking lot and every year we fall in love with the designs. Wally has been in the rug business for over 35 years, having gotten his start from his father-in-law, a rug dealer in Afghanistan. We get Baluchi rugs, Senneh rugs, and Kilim pillows from them, all expertly crafted with beautiful detail and dyes.


Asian Imports

Zahir, his son Jamal, and his grandson Quisar are three generations of importers originally from Pakistan. They now live in Tucson, but continue to sell products like Kilim pillowcases, wooden spice boxes, and baskets from their home country. Zahir impressed upon us that basket-making provides much-needed work for families in Pakistan.

Kilim Pillowcases from Asian Imports

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