Lotus Earrings in Vintage Teal and Brass

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Love the Lotus earrings in Silly Putty so much you want 'em in a new color? Yeah, us too. This teal color is just the right level of vibrant: bright enough to make a statement, but not so bright your friends have to pop on their shades just to look at you. 

Materials: Enameled brass, brass, silver details, sterling silver posts.

Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon.

About Natalie Joy: Developed in a Portland, Oregon closet in 2010, Natalie Joy jewelry thoughtfully combines both unique and traditional metalworking techniques. The colors, shapes, and textures of the jewelry are showstopping and easily identifiable as a Natalie Joy piece. Designer Natalie Joy Miller's education and love of sculpture is evident in every piece, and makes her line a wearable work of art.

Focal piece measures approximately 2.5" long.


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