Ash Perfume Roller


Warming and herbal with fresh scents of birchwood, oud, Roman Basicilicas, myrrh, frankincense, and cinder. A lightweight perfume roller perfect for on the go. Keep it with you and apply as much or as little as you like. This ultra moisturizing oil is great for dry winter skin too!

Ingredients:  Contains pure jojoba + safflower oil which is quick-drying and doesn't leave a greasy feel. All perfume oils are phthalate, paraben and nut oil free. Safe for skin and clothing.

About Particle Goods: Particle Goods believes in fostering a deeper connection to the natural world and to ourselves through well-formulated aroma products. They use pure renewable soy wax and a mix of essential oils and perfume oils that are ethically sourced and produced in Seattle, Washington and use their platform to support organizations within their local community of King County, Washington to empower social and economic well being, equality and environmental sustainability.

15ml in volume

Made in Seattle, Washington, USA.


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