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Can I pick the stone you use?

In some cases, yes! For any piece with salt & pepper diamonds or untreated rubies, you will have the option of selecting the stone from our current available inventory or allowing us to choose for you. After you place your order, we’ll reach out to you to arrange for your stone selection, or if you shop with us in-person, we’ll do it in the store as you’re ordering.

We do not allow stone picking for white or black diamonds or other colored gemstones in our Ready to Wear collection, but your stone will adhere to the specifications listed in the product description.

If you would like us to use stones you already own or if you’d like to pick your own white or black diamond stone, we absolutely offer these services with our custom jewelry process.

For fashion jewelry, we only allow stone picking when you shop in-person (and we don’t re-set stones; you’ll get to pick from our current finished inventory).