This weekend: shop hours and danish doors.

Hi, friends!!  Dag Nabbit (channeling the grandaddy), I've missed you guys!! I wanted to let you know that we'll be in the shop this weekend!  We've had so many shows this month that I know several shoppers have popped by on Saturday only to find an empty shop.  But...NO MORE...well, at least for this weekend and next.  We'll be here from noon to at least 4 tomorrow.

The shop is still on the up and up.  We plan on having a grand opening by the end of the summer (shwew!).  Little by little, my friends.  This weekend, we're planning on finishing the miscellaneous drawer front counter wrap and the sliding door!  My design friends were in town last weekend and we took some huge steps forward.  We've been running with this white on white on white theme with rustic wood to offset it all.  Courtney called it Scandinavian.  When she said the words, my heart melted.  Some of my most favorite people in the world live there (or near there).

Come by and see us sweating through it all this weekend, say hello, drink a glass of wine, and shop your little hearts out. big huge love. -betsy
Group 7