So refreshing.

I met up with Sheila from Rock 'n' Rose Rags on Burnside and instantly fell in love.  I mean, I had already kind of fallen in love via gmail communication, but in person, she's almost too much to handle.  I LOVE the store and I'm so happy that they decided to sell my goods.  Apparently the feeling is marvelously mutual, check out what she had to say, here.I heart Rock 'n' Rose!! I heart Rock 'n' Rose!!

(Outfit of the Day: local Rock n Rose shirt and too cute crocheted hair accessory from fellow Etsian, Beautiful Bridget, check 'em out!)

We both bought more than we thought we would; I always try to keep my blinders on when I'm selling wholesale in fantastic indie boutiques.  This time I couldn't keep my hands off their awesome vintage and thrifty picks.  I walked out with two shirts for the BF and one robin's egg retro hottie for me; please see above pic.  The store is so tastefully displayed; everything so perfectly chosen.  Go there and get your hands on some of their stellar fashion choices and pick up some betsy & iya jewels while you're at it!

***Song of the Moment: Get Out of My House, by The Streets***

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