Rose City Summer: Barrie.

rose city summer It's common knowledge in our neck of the woods that summer is the best time in Portland, OR. Granted, Mother Nature makes us work for it, but something about emerging from winter, Vitamin D starved and ready for river trips, makes sweet summertime even more rewarding. As an ode to this magical time, we're dedicating our summer blog series to the city where we live. Hopefully, our picks will inspire those of you who've lived here for years, as well as those planning your first trip to Portland. Let's start it off with BARRIE!

Where I park it: I'd have to say Wallace Park in NW Portland.  So what if it's a dog park... I like dogs! (Editor's Note: DUH)

Summer Sustenance: I love going to Ken's Artisan Bakery on NW 21st & Flanders on my weekends. I always get the same thing: half salad, half soup, and an Oregon croissant. If you've never had a Ken's Oregon croissant then I suggest you stop what you're doing now and go get one.

Go-to body of water: I just made it to Cannon Beach for the first time a couple of months ago so I'm hoping to get out there a few more times this summer.

Cannon Beach, OR I call this one "Young Woman & the Sea"

Summer in a glass: I love a good smoothie. Any and all fruits, some veggies, and an OJ base? I'm good to go.

What betsy & iya piece I'll be living in: The Catenary Ring necklace. It was my birthday present to myself and it's the perfect statement necklace to compliment a light, flowing summer get up.

Summer uniform: Speaking of... I love a good maxi dress, but nothing beats a pair of shorts, loose tank top, and sandals. Happily accompanied by my Madewell Transport Tote & Retro Super Future sunglasses! Love, love, love.

Portland, OR summer activities L to R: Millions of PEACHES! // Her trusty Madewell tote // Spread from a recent Ken's Artisan Bakery trip, Oregon croissant obvi represented

Activity or event of choice: Last year I discovered the glory that is "U-pick" fruit from the various Sauvie Island Farms. From June-October my fridge is filled with freshly picked blueberries, peaches, and apples!!! Share your #SUMMERSELFIE Summer selfie

Photo courtesy of @onequirkypeach on InstagramOh, Barrie! Ye with your fresh short hair cut and

Oh, Barrie! Ye with your fresh short hair cut and multitude of flowy dresses. Thank you for sharing your Rose City Summer picks. I can only hope that the majority of your "u-pick" bounty ends up in the form of baked goods to be shared in our kitchen. HINT HINT. Cheers, Anna ***Song of the Moment: Machu Picchu by The Strokes***

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