Road Trip: day 14, Columbus?!

Did you know... Columbus is in Ohio!


How come no one knows about Columbus???  Prior to actually going there, I thought smokestacks and newspapers blowing through the streets.  I'm not sure why.  But I think there are others like you out there.  No one I've talked to since going to Columbus has been to Columbus.  Maybe funding cuts to the office of tourism are to blame...?  What's Columbus' slogan?  Anyone???  I just googled "Columbus Tourism Slogan" and look at what popped up: a NYTimes article with the headline "There May Be ‘No Better Place,’ but There Is a Better Slogan."  I'll stop here and let the guy who gets paid to write make my point and try to show in pictures what a cool place Columbus is. 


Did you know... Columbus spells things on their buildings?


Darn.  I'm just realizing that's the only picture we have of outside things in Columbus.  But look how cute that is.  There are cute street lights, nice walkable sidewalks, hills and trees, and not a smokestack in sight.  Go Columbus!


Did you know... Columbus has good restaurants?


We shot this in Tasi, which fed us a fantastic brunch of a bagel and lox and a roast beef sandwich. We also picked up Rowe Boutique.  Rowe is exquisite.  Just perfect.  betsy & iya will be there in early November and we. can't. wait.


Did you know... Columbus has style?


Did you know... Columbus has well designed shops?


Did you know... Columbus has cutesy hanging lights?


Did you know... Columbus has me working on a computer on the floor?


As a parting gift, I've put together a few slogans for Columbus. Columbus: It's actually really cute! Columbus:  We got rid of smokestacks and newspapers blowing in the streets a long time ago! Columbus: It's not what you think (unless you think it's really cute)! ***Song of the moment: 'Round Midnight, as played by Bill Evans***

Group 7