Favorite lunches

We've had some of the best lunches recently.  You'll recall, dear readers, that lunches/snacks at work with my wife are one of my favorite things about my new(ish) job.  These past few weeks, we've been buying heirloom tomatoes from TJs and we feel like the lunch kings.  (an aside: take a note, New Seasons: 2lbs of these babies are $5 bucks at TJs.)  Let me show you what I'm talking about.


so ripe


Both Betsy and I grew up eating tomatoes out of the garden.  Well, I can't say I grew up doing it, really... I remember growing out of my aversion to the gooey seed stuff later.  The only thing missing to take me all the way back is skinned knees and dirty nails, my dad smelling like a lawn mower, and a wooden bowl of Cheetos in the middle of the table. 


too yummy to wait for the photo-op


What about you?  What have you been eating for lunch? ***Song of the moment: Sycamore, by Bill Callahan***

Group 7