Bowlerrifc Light.


fierce bowlerfierce bowler

Went to a bowling alley last night to watch my friend, Jen, bowl her brains out.  She has recently joined a bowling league with a fellow betsy & iya seller, awesome Allison from Modo.  They call themselves the Kitty Cats and they are no doubt, awesome bowlers.  I seriously never thought I'd be saying that about any of my friends at any time, but I am truly proud. I was really loving the lonely lighting last night.  It was a big contrast to the crashes and bangs of the passionate league bowlers.  I really like contrasts.



killer bowling alley stylekiller bowling alley style

Brian never fails to crack me up.  Here he escapes into nano world while we discuss post-bowl plans.  He is a mad drummer in a band called, Blitzen Trapper--cannot beat their tunes.

Brian and Jen are in love.

Here, Jen looks like Jen.  and I love that:


pretty Jenpretty Jen

Elizabeth and I watched in awe as the unfamiliar world of bowling tournament unfolded before our eyes.  Though it was a pleasant distraction away from our conversation, our focus remained on playing catch up for the countless hours of meaningful unbeatable visceral friendship we've missed out on over the past 3 years.

Elizabeth, a fellow Dell' Arte grad and best friend has just moved to beautiful Portland and we've got stories to tell, love to share, laughs to incite, tears to shed, support, growth, beauty, and projects up our sleeves.

It is indescribably perfect to have an old friend in my arms again.

***Song of the Moment: Skinny Love, by Bon Iver***

Group 7