Kutch Scarf

- by Ichcha

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    This large scarf is inspired by desert leaves and vintage Indian textile designs. Each scarf is block-printed in small batches using dabu, a mud resist process.

    When you're not wearing this beautiful scarf it can be hung on the wall as a tapestry or use it on the bed as a bed scarf.  

    At Ichcha the mission is to respect the world, build the crafts community, and to encourage and work with women from low-income families. The products are therefore made with the utmost awareness of their creation, life, and the afterlife. 

    Materials: 25% silk, 75% cotton. Hand dyed with natural dyes and hand printed using carved wooden blocks.

    Handmade in India.

    Dimensions 44" x 78".  Please note that sizes may vary 1-2 inches and color variance may occur based on the intake of natural dyes per fabric
    Be respectful of the fiber and give it a gentle hand wash for the first few washes. Be aware of any color bleeds in the first few washes.
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