Baluchi Wool Pile Rug

- by b&i Bazaar


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    Whether you want to spruce up an entryway or give your feet something pretty to land on when you get out of bed, these vintage wool rugs from the 1940s or earlier are perfect for your home.

    These Baluchi Wool Pile rugs come from a group of Nomadic people, the Baluchi tribe, who occupy areas of the Iranian Plateau and Arabian peninsula.

    Each rug is one of a kind and there is only one of each variant available.

    Materials: Wool.


    Variant A:  22" wide x 40" long
    Variant B:  21.25" wide x 44.75" long
    Variant H:  19.75" wide x 43.75" long
    Variant K:  26.75" wide x 38.5" long

    These rugs are wool and should be cleaned by a professional rug cleaner.
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