• Amy Olson 9 items

    Femininity and strength, refinement and boldness, detail and simplicity. Amy Olson's jewelry embodies all these dualities, making her pieces attractive to everybody. Her jewelry is inspired by her love of nature and travel, and is meant to express personality and elevate an outfit. Amy was destined to be an artist; creativity has been passed down in her family for generations. Looking at her work, there's no doubt everything was created from years of experience and love for her craft.

  • Ashkahn 28 items

    Ashkahn Shahparnia is the self-described bon vivant behind his company, appropriately named Ashkahn. His colorful personality is reflected in products that are relatable, adorable, and perfect for any occasion or person. He pours his imagination into his work, and you'll be immediately drawn into the worlds he creates.

  • Aydry & Co. 0 items

    Every product from Aydry & Co. contains natural, vegan ingredients. The entire line is cruelty-free and handcrafted, reflecting the company’s commitment to creating high-quality, ethically made goods. From the packaging to the product inside, everything is modern, clean, sophisticated, and gorgeous.

  • Banquet 38 items

    Take a look at some inspiration driving Banquet founders Sarah Edmonds & Tammy Lawrence: "...the smell of a Pacific Northwest forest baking on hot summer day, cut off jeans and t-shirts, Lucia Berlin and James Baldwin, swimming in the ocean..." They sound like our kind of people, not only for their fantastic sources of inspo, but also for creating goods with attention to both affordability and sustainability. This duo creates quality products that share a distinct beauty and uniqueness, and are all conceived, designed, printed and produced in Canada.

  • Bazaar 1 item

    We've added over 100 styles from all over the world to this year's Bazaar collection. Each is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind, for many there is only one available. To learn about where the Bazaar items come from, click here.

  • betsy & iya Hall of Fame 34 items

    Want a closer look? Browse our full line of handcrafted fashion jewelry and many more gifts not available online at our NW Portland brick & mortar shop, 10am-6pm everyday. Click for directions.

  • betsy & iya Home 3 items

    Warmth and handcrafted details blend together in brass and bronze pieces that bring modern style to functionality. View betsy & iya Home Collection lookbook here

    Designed and produced in Oregon. 

  • Bloom & Give 7 items

    Bloom & Give donates 50% of their profits to programs that send girls to school in India where education is the most effective way for a girl to escape the cycle of childhood marriage, pre-teen pregnancy, and abuse. They partner with the grassroots program Educate Girls which targets the entire village community and typically increases enrollment to 90% within months, helping to undo centuries-old and deep-rooted traditional beliefs that stand in the way of girls' education.

  • BOET 22 items

    Mixing sculpture with hand-crafted accessories has led to stunningly original pieces of jewelry for Emily Bixler, founder of BOET. Based in Portland, Oregon, BOET pieces mix textures, shapes, and compositions in ways that feel at once familiar and fresh. Emily tests the collaboration of fiber and metal, creating hand-crafted accessories that are distinctly unique.

  • Canto 20 items

    Inspired by Betsy's experiences in vibrant Mexico City, the pieces embody rhythm and movement; they're made for dancing, for embracing sensuality and living life to the fullest. Read More  |  Click here to view the Canto Collection Lookbook.

  • Caravan Pacific 0 items

    Shannon Guirl took up wood turning and ceramics to scratch a creative itch, and through that discovered her passion for design. She took this passion and (with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign!) founded Caravan Pacific. Her company seeks to combine the raw beauty of materials with modern shapes and style. Their modern hair ties are the perfect example of this combination, and are made to last you through years of memories.

  • Collectivo 0 items

    Collectivo was founded by Vail Fletcher, Jessica Helgerson, and Cristina Niculescu, three women with a love of travel, Mexico, and storytelling. They collect their handmade goods straight from the source, traveling to remote indigenous villages in Mexico to meet the makers and learn the age-old traditions behind every piece. Everything they sell is made lovingly by hand with local resources, and is full of rich traditions and history.

  • Corinne Collection 7 items

    Susan Kim, founder of Corinne, has made it her mission to create pieces with individuality and versatility. Every piece is designed and handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA. All the materials are dyed and knitted in the United States, including materials sourced from local, family-owned businesses. A purchase from Corinne means an investment in ethical businesses with a commitment to quality.

  • Creative Women 0 items

    Creative Women provides a niche for artisans in Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Kenya. The artisans work in women-led small businesses and employ traditional art forms to craft their textiles. Because Creative Women has established long-term, healthy, profitable partnerships with these artisans, the artisans are able to support the health, education, and economic stability of their families. Creative Women is a fair trade certified company, and provides both high quality jobs and high quality products. They firmly believe that conscious consumerism is a powerful way to effect change, a belief that is reflected in every action their company takes.

  • DEMIMONDE 11 items

    The word “demimonde” is French for “half-world”. A space for creativity, for artisans, hedonists, for doing away with definition and boundaries. As creator Rachael Fox says, "Demimonde celebrates the illicit affairs we have with the objects we adorn ourselves with." Every piece is handcrafted in Portland, OR, and is often one of a kind, celebrating the boundary-less freedom of the Demimonde.

  • Dinadi 4 items

    In 2012, Dinadi creators Mirjam and Preston moved to Nepal. The people they met and their desire to bring about lasting change to developing communities led to the formation of Dinadi in 2016. Dinadi provides ethical employment to knitters in Nepal, providing them with numerous benefits they wouldn't otherwise have access to. From providing a full-time social worker to paying school tuitions, the list goes on and on, and we're ecstatic that such a fantastic company provides fantastically soft products that you'll fall in love with instantly.

  • Faribault 0 items

    The Faribault Woolen Mill endures as one of the last vertical woolen mills in America. Here, fifth generation craftspeople take raw wool and create blankets, throws, scarves and accessories of remarkable comfort and quality. Irreplaceable century-old machinery stands side by side with modern technology in their "new" mill, which was built in 1892.

  • Forti 15 items

    Forti is a celebration of womanhood. It's a celebration of strength. It's a celebration of our curves, our softness, our love, and a tribute to our resilience and our courage. Forti is brave and it is mighty and beautiful–just like me; just like you; just like our daughters, wives, sisters, mothers.

    It is water, fluidity, struggle, strength. It is moving past what we believe possible and allowing ourselves to be in awe of where we came from. It is celebrating the struggle and the release. Forti is the flow. Women, you inspire me. We are capable of so much. Our strength is ours. Your strength is yours. We are more than we know. We are Forti.


  • Gifts for Self Care 49 items

    Want a closer look? Browse these and many more gifts not available online for self care at our NW Portland brick & mortar shop, 10am-6pm everyday. Click for directions.

  • Gifts for the Life of the Party 63 items

    Want a closer look? Browse these and many more gifts not available online for every Life of the Party on your list at our NW Portland brick & mortar shop, 10am-6pm everyday. Click for directions.

  • Gifts for the Outdoors Lover 47 items

    Want a closer look? Browse these and many more gifts not available online for every Outdoors Lover on your list at our NW Portland brick & mortar shop, 10am-6pm everyday. Click for directions.

  • Goertzen Adventure Equipment 4 items

    Joe Goertzen started his handcrafted business as a hobby, altering clothing and gear to be more suitable to his active, adventurous needs. Unsurprisingly, people loved his work and the hobby soon became a full-time job. Tough and made to last, his bags are equally at home on a flyfishing trip as they are at an office job. Goertzen bags stand the test of time, both in style and endurance.

  • Groceries 0 items

    Groceries is incredibly committed to sustainability, human empowerment, and responsible manufacturing. It's slow fashion. Their garments are manufactured at home in their California factory, and not a single aspect of their creation process is overlooked. From the farm where their fabric ingredients are grown to the production and distribution of their products, every step is carefully watched to ensure responisble, ethical practices. Comfy, conscientious, and cute. What's not to love?

  • Hanselmann Pottery 1 item

    Founded in Corrales, New Mexico in 1970, Hanselmann Pottery has been producing gorgeous, high-quality ceramics for decades. Every piece is hand-thrown by a master potter, and made in small batches to ensure their high standards are met. Their work is durable, functional, beautiful, and made to last.

  • Hello Lucky 19 items

    Founded by sibling duo Eunice and Sabrina Moyle, Hello!Lucky is a brand that creates cards meant to delight, inspire, and connect. Their pun-filled and fun-filled cards are printed on recycled paper and packaged with material from green energy manufacturers, because they've committed to sustaining a conscious practice. You'll want to hold onto your cards forever; they're made with love and you can feel it.

  • Henné 3 items

    Frequent moves and time spent living abroad made Henné founder Laura Xiao focus on the true essentials in her life. Finding an appreciation for quality, simplicity, and luxury in the basics led her to create Henné Organics. The products are modern and minimalistic, and replace standard lip products with stunning essentials. They're beautiful, moisturizing, and healing, which is all we could ever ask for.

  • Herbivore 13 items

    Founded by husband and wife duo Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow, Herbivore Botanicals creates products that are safe, non-toxic, and a joy to use. They believe in tangible results - they use no fillers in their products, meaning nearly every ingredient is an active ingredient. Effective products meant to feel good and give results, thoughtful packaging and formulas, and delicious scents and textures make for a truly winning combination.

  • Ichcha 1 item

    In such a fast-paced world, time-intensive handmade processes can sometimes be overlooked. Enter Ichcha: hoping to preserve the tradition of handcrafting textiles that had been passed down for generations, three women created a company that encourages the world to live consciously. Conscious of the environment, tradition, and the value and quality in handmade goods. Their beautiful products radiate this message; they are hand printed both in New York and India and are inspired by the history that came before them.

  • Inti 16 items

    Inspired by condors taking flight at the ancient site of Machu Picchu, the Inti Collection embodies the birds’ effortless ascent. Featuring Fair Trade Arizona turquoise and Oregon jasper, solid sterling silver, and gorgeous light-catching fringe, these multidimensional pieces epitomize strength and beauty. Shop the Lookbook and learn more about its inspiration here.

  • Julie Ann Art 0 items

    Julie Ann Art was founded when Julie was a 24-year-old living at home with her mom. Created on a whim, it wasn't meant to become a business. But the world knows a good product when it sees one, and soon Julie couldn't keep working a full-time job in addition to maintaining this "hobby". Julie Ann Art became her full time job soon after, and now her cards are sold around the world. They're printed locally on recycled paper, with Julie (and her dog Penny) processing and packaging every order.

  • Kari Phillips 3 items

    Kari Phillips is a metalsmith and aspiring lapidary artist producing limited edition and one-of-a-kind jewelry. With a degree in Art History and an early career in fine art museums, her work is an explorative homage to ancient emblems and modern art movements. Handcrafted in her Portland, Oregon studio, each piece is fabricated with consideration toward revival and originality; form and material; intent and the wearer.

    Shop exclusive designs

    What was your inspiration for these pieces in particular? 
    When I partnered with betsy & iya, I wanted there to be a mix of pieces that represented my past work, variations on favorites as well as fresh takes. Leading up to the collection, I had been inspired by Enak's Tears by Jean Arp and I made a pair of earrings with freshwater pearls based on the artwork. Also around that time, I had become interested in Sol Lewitt's wall drawings and created a few quirky pieces with sharp angles in combination with curves. As I started designing for B&I, those two inspirations came together and resulted in the Leda Earrings, Brevity Hoops and Linear Pearl Earrings. The Aves Earrings, on the other hand, are a variation on a pair of earrings I made for a friend a few years ago. Her earrings were a melding of her SW roots and Nordic modernist design elements. Most of my work continues to riff on these designs. And for the Kallisti series, that was originally a nod to my Korean heritage. The forms first included rounded “pagodas” which have since been simplified, but retain the same stippled texture.

    Where do you draw your inspiration from?
    A majority of my inspiration is drawn directly from art history background. I like to flip through my old college art history books and visit art museum collections in person as well as online. I also look to metal masters such as Art Smith, Vivianna Torun, Paul Lobel, Jean Despres among many others.

    Kari Phillips inspiration

    How did you get started making jewelry?
    I've been a beader for more than a decade and after my daughter was born, I took the step toward metal work. While I've been interested in making art all my life, I have always struggled with inspiration. Jewelry was and is the only art form where I find inspiration boundless - that's been very compelling.

    What inspires you/motivates you/draws you to working with places like b&i?
    betsy & iya is more than a place or a shop. It's also a voice and an energy. It's incredibly special to be part of a fun, supportive, energetic community that doesn't just prize creativity, but fosters it.

    What do you hope the wearer feels when wearing your jewelry?
    All the amazing adjectives here! Confidence, sophistication, boundlessness. Whatever the destination or occasion, I hope when they walk out the door they feel they're on the cusp of something amazing.

  • Koa 10 items

  • Laura Berger 0 items

    Chicago-based artist Laura Berger's products are playful, distinctive, and easy to identify with. Her work strikes a chord with audiences of all demographics, perhaps because she started using art as self-therapy. Whether she creates a whimsical card or a more meditative piece reflecting on dreams, you can feel her voice and presence ringing through her work.

  • Lee Coren 0 items

    Inspired by modern exploration, Lee Coren's designs are made to travel. Vegan, ethically sourced materials are used to create products that last and look good. Never boring but always reliable, Lee Coren products allow you to be environmentally friendly without sacrificing style.

  • Little Barn 0 items

    Little Barn Apothecary was founded in 2015 by Joshua Morgan and Brad Scoggins to create safe, alternative, and modern apothecary goods crafted from organic and wild harvested ingredients—completely natural and simple. They handle every step of their process, committing to creating products that are safe and beautiful. Little Barn Apothecary believes in slowing down and creating self-care rituals. No complications here; no chemicals, no fillers. Just pure and simple handmade goods.

  • Little River Socks 0 items

    You take pride in your shirts. You take pride in your dresses. Pants, hats, bags, you name it. Why not extend that same sense of pride to your socks? Little River Sock Mill takes such care in manufacturing their socks that you'll feel just as satisfied wearing them as they do making them. Little River Sock Mill is part of a generations-long tradition born in Alabama. Using high quality materials and sustainable practices, they make socks that honor the land they come from.

  • Loup 5 items

    Loup is a love letter to the Paris and New York of the 60s. Classics with a hint of modern ease, their designs are made to fit the modern day woman perfectly. They understand how important fit is, and are constantly working to improve what they already do so well. Loup loves being "small, focused and free" to adapt to the needs and wants of their customer. It's a complicated world, but Loup can make choosing clothes simple.

  • LUA Skincare 6 items

    Lori Fenn, artist and nature lover, started LUA Skincare with the philosophy that nature has the power to heal, protect, and rejuvenate skin. All LUA products are plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free, with recycled, eco-friendly packaging. As an added bonus, Lori’s fantastically colorful designs serve as the packaging, adding a personal, joyful touch to these cleansing, healing products.

  • Made 2 items

    What began as a hobby blossomed into a full-time business for Sarah Burroughs. When Sarah founded Made, she decided to form a company with a purpose in addition to producing high-quality and highly functional bags. Made trains and employs local refugees, and Sarah is constantly involved in generating opportunities for education and job creation. Based in Salt Lake City, the company empowers its community to grow, learn, and become self-sufficient. Products from Made are beautifully designed and produced, and inspire creativity in everyone.

  • MapleXO 3 items

    Created by skateboarders from Portland, Oregon, MapleXO makes jewelry and accessories out of recycled skateboards and industrial skateboard waste. They are passionate about hard work, quality products, and good people. And skateboarding, obviously. Wearing their products, you get to wear the history of the skateboard it was made from and live the story of the fantastic piece it has become.

  • Margaret & Beau 0 items

    Rachael Williams, founder of Margaret & Beau, named her company after her grandparents. The original Margaret and Beau met in 1955 and imparted a sense of love, adventure, exploration, and humanity upon Rachael. Her pieces are a celebration of differences coming together and the stories we tell and pass on. As Rachael says, here's to becoming more and more human, one lump of clay and one bit of story at a time.

  • Martine 0 items

    Sarah Atkins began Martine in 2010 and named the company after her grandmother, the woman who inspired her to create beauty from simplicity. All the pieces are hand cut, sewn, and finished in her Oakland studio, making each bag completely individual. Timeless, clean, and classic, these bags will never go out of style.

  • MINNA 4 items

    Established in 2013 by Sara Berks, MINNA uses traditional techniques to create contemporary, ethically made goods. MINNA partners with master weavers in Mexico, Guatemala, and Uruguay to create their goods, thus ensuring craft preservation and job creation. Products from MINNA are "feel good" products in every sense of the phrase - ethical, comfortable, and a joy to own.

  • Molly M 2 items

    Molly McGrath saw the potential in using her laser cutter (used for architecture work) to make jewelry and other designed objects, and jumped on the opportunity. She designs and produces all her pieces in her studio in San Francisco, finding inspiration from graphic design, architecture, and nature. From this combination of design, craft, and tech comes the beautiful Molly M. products.

  • Mother's Day Gift Guide 13 items

    Here's to Moms! We wouldn't be here without you (in sooo many ways). Let's make sure they know just how special they are, yah?

    Order anything below by Tuesday, May 7, and we'll make sure Mom has it by Mother's Day. Plus, we'll ship it for Free. While the deadline for guaranteed delivery has passed, the items below are sure-fire Mom-pleasers and we'll run Free Shipping through Mother's Day for all you procrastinators out there. :)

    Need it in a hurry? Visit us in our Portland brick & mortar shop or pick an expedited shipping method at checkout.

    Because if you love her, we're pretty sure we would, too.


  • Muse Belts 4 items

    Karl Muse didn't set out to make a company. He set out to make a belt similar to one his father had made him as a child. It would be a way to always wear a reminder of their relationship. The belt he made spoke to others, too. It's stylish simplicity was something his friends wanted, and soon Muse was created. Thousands of belts sold around the world, all made by Karl using eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather.

  • Neva Opet 3 items

    The name Neva Opet comes from founder and designer Rachael’s family history, combining her great-grandmother’s name (Neva) with the ancient Egyptian Opet Festival, an event of regeneration for the King and the gods. This combination speaks to the ethos of the company: create high-quality items that are meant to last and gain a history of their own. The minimal, modern aesthetic of the bags meets the age-old leather craftsmanship trade in a unique, versatile line you’ll want to carry everywhere.

  • Opinel 2 items

    In 1890, Joseph Opinel invented a small folding knife that is now considered a true design icon around the world. The essential qualities of this tool remain the same, as its design is still unmatched. It is simple and sturdy, and embodies the Opinel values of living a simple life, close to nature. This is a knife that can be used anywhere, from camping to cooking, from indoors to outdoors.

  • Palate Polish 1 item

    Vegan and "5-free" (free of 5 big toxic chemicals), Palate Polish will have you drooling, and not just because they use food-inspired polish names. These vibrant colors are never tested on animals and are carefully curated from the beginning of the process to the end, resulting in a visually delicious polish.

  • Renna 12 items

    Renna is that winding journey we find ourselves on at many points in our lives. It’s the secret beach you discover just off the beaten path. It’s the undulating hand riding the breeze outside the car window on the sun-filled road trip. Renna honors the youth within us all, play, and carefree confidence. Renna is curvy.

    Renna embodies the lighthearted. Betsy chiseled her way into the depths of a woman's strength, courage, and resilience with Forti and now resurfaces with Renna as a playful and lighter exploration of womanhood. It’s bubbles, big hair, and dirty fingernails. It’s closing your eyes, holding hands, and jumping together. Renna is the waves coming in and the waves moving out. Renna is breath, freckles, and presence. Renna is being here and going there. Renna is flow.

  • Retired Styles 2018 0 items

    Shop Retired Styles at 20% off (prices as marked). Get Details.

  • Retired Styles 2019 14 items

    Discount codes, schmiscount schmodes.

    Retired pieces don't have time for discount codes, honey.

    20%-off already included. With age comes wisdom, no?

  • Retirement 2020 56 items

    Retirement Party 2020

    Discount codes, schmiscount schmodes.

    Retired pieces don't have time for discount codes, honey.

    20%-off already included. With age comes wisdom, no?

  • Sapling Press 37 items

    In founder Lisa Cairns Krowinski's own words, she is a "typography-lovin' graphic designer, turned letterpress-printin' stationery designer. We make the cards you give to that one friend of yours who truly gets it. You know the one." A bold and daring lady who makes bold and daring cards. Sapling Press started as a solo project, before Lisa even knew how to run a business, and has grown and grown, thanks to her clever products and all the personality they hold.

  • Sasquatch Books 0 items

    Sasquatch Books is one of the leading independent presses in the country. They seek out passionate humans from the Northwest and transform their talents and vision into beautifully crafted books that represent the adventurous spirit and DIY lifestyles of the Pacific Northwest region.

  • Schoon 0 items

    Hidden in the meaning of Schoon Soap's name is the heart of the company. Schoon means "clean" in Dutch, but is also a nod to founder Stephanie Klose's Dutch heritage. She is continuing a generations-long tradition of hard-working women creating soap. Stephanie's soaps are small-batch, all-natural, and come beautifully packaged. She uses no animal products, synthetic fragrances, or preservatives. From months of experimentation to find the perfect formula, come soaps that are kind to skin. Passion that runs in the family creates soap everyone will love.

  • Seek & Swoon 4 items

    Some people find joy in trekking through foreign countries and new cities. They find comfort in the unknown. For others, joy is a well worn chair. It's the satisfaction in knowing and feeling memories attached to every possession. Jala Smith-Huys, owner of Seek & Swoon, understands this. Her products are welcome additions to anyone's life - they evoke a sense of place that's perfect whether you're on the go or staying put. They're made in the USA from recycled yarn, saving energy and continuing a commitment to comfort, quality, and design.

  • Show it with Jewels 26 items

    Want a closer look? Browse these and many more gifts not available online for those extra special people on your list at our NW Portland brick & mortar shop, 10am-6pm everyday. Click for directions.

  • Skeem 10 items

    Many moons ago, husband-and-wife team Geoff Weiser and Suji Meswani left their jobs to go follow their dream of working together. They merged their backgrounds in graphic design and product development to create Skeem Design. They're on a mission to eliminate unnecessary packaging and create sophisticated products that can be reused long after their initial life is over. Use their candles as whiskey glasses, or an empty match bottle as a vase. You'll be drawn in by the captivating design and they'll keep you there with high-quality, recyclable products.

  • Studio Olivine 0 items

    Studio Olivine collaborates with artists to create custom pieces that are hand printed at their letterpress print studio. Every piece of paper is hand-fed into their antique press! Wild ideas are welcome, and they'll take on the task of creating a product that perfectly executes your vision.

  • Sydney Hale 4 items

    Sydney Hale Co. handcrafts all of their products in Virginia. They strive to provide beautiful products of high quality, and one whiff of their delicious candles tells you they've been successful. They use their company to make the world a better place, both through their packaging materials and their use of sales to donate to animal rescue organizations. Treat yourself and buy something, and you'll be treating the world as well.

  • Tienda Ho 7 items

    Easy to put on, effortless to style, and softer than you could imagine: that's Tienda Ho. Born in Marrakesh, the brand draws inspiration from around the world, from colors to shapes to styles. One touch of the fabric and you'll be instantly obsessed. One size fits most, and the flowing fabric drapes to flatter all body types. Seriously, we can't get enough of Tienda Ho.

  • Upper Metal Class 22 items

    With inspiration drawn from archictecture, math, and nature, Upper Metal Class jewelry is both minimalist and fun. They produce handcrafted jewelry in biodegradable packaging and continue to incorporate more recycled metal into their products. Earth-friendly and stylish? That's just how they do it in the Upper Metal Class.

  • Uzi 0 items

    Dave and Mari, the owners of UZI, want to make life a little easier for women. Hand-sewn and screen printed in Brooklyn, NY, their clothes are layerable and effortless to wear. They use high-quality fabric to create products that are flattering on all ages and bodies.

  • Voyage 22 items


  • W & P Design 2 items

    At W & P Design, they want to bring new, interesting products to life and make our everyday interaction with food and drinks more fun. They have their eyes on every single step of their process to make sure that every product is a prime example of their vision and standards of high quality. Founded by best friend duo Eric Prum and Josh Williams, W & P Design has created over 200 original food and beverage products, and have no plans to slow down any time soon.

  • Wedding and Engagement Rings 31 items

    Fine Jewelry FAQsWarrantyReturns & ExchangesLookbookBrowse all Fine Jewelry

    Designed by founder Betsy Cross, our wedding and engagement jewelry features 14k gold, white and black diamonds, tourmaline, and ruby. Our rings are all designed and made in our Portland, OR production studio, which is attached to our brick & mortar shop. We use as much recycled gold as possible, and we only work with vendors who guarantee their stones & diamonds are conflict free.

    Looking for something completely one-of-a-kind? EXPLORE CUSTOM JEWELRY DESIGN >

  • Wolf Ceramics 25 items

    We couldn't be more grateful that Sarah Wolf decided to come back to her artistic roots after getting an undergraduate degree in geochemistry. As a native of Oregon, Sarah understands and loves the awe-inspiring nature that surrounds us. She translates that beauty into handcrafted, earthy ceramics that speak to everyone who comes across them. There's a sense of joy and community in every Wolf Ceramics piece, and that's why we love them.

  • Woodblock Chocolate 3 items

    "Face meltingly delicious chocolate"? Sounds good to us! When wife and husband duo Jessica and Charley Wheelock found they needed a change in their lives, they turned to chocolate making as their next step. Creating chocolate from bean to bar is no easy feat - it's a massively intensive process that requires hard work and commitment. Woodblock Chocolate is the result of years of the Wheelocks' hard work combined with love and creativity to produce high quality, delicious chocolate.

  • Workman Publishing 0 items

    Workman Publishing is an independently owned family of publishers. From award-winning cookbooks to children's books, this creative company doesn't limit itself when it comes to publishing. They are driven to find the joy in publishing, which comes from creating books that are the best versions they can be and are easily accessible to audiences. Reading should be fun, and Workman Publishing helps to make that true.