These policies only apply to purchases of Fine Jewelry. For our regular merchandise policies, please click here.

Refunds & Exchanges

Retail purchases of Fine Jewelry in original condition may be returned for a full refund via the initial form of payment within 10 days of purchase or shipment delivery, whichever is later, and may be returned for store credit thereafter.

Limitations: Proof of purchase is required for all exchanges or refunds. There is no refund or reimbursement on shipping/handling charges. Though our policy allows for a lengthy exchange window, the passage of time can impact original condition, due to the absorption of odors or fragrances, development of tarnish/patina, discoloration, and other natural processes. Determination of original condition is ours to make. We reserve the right to restrict or reject exchanges on a case by case basis to prevent abuse of this policy. Returned Fine Jewelry must be in pristine, unworn condition, and include all original packaging. Fine Jewelry is defined as items which include any amount of platinum or solid gold of any carat.

This policy does not apply to custom-made fine jewelry or fine jewelry that has been personalized, engraved, etc. These items are final sale and may not be returned or exchanged.

If you purchased your item from a retailer who carries our line, please contact them directly for return information.

Cash refunds are not offered. In the event a Fine Jewelry purchase was made with cash, a refund will be issued by check. Additional processing time may be needed to prepare such refunds. Proof of purchase is required for exchanges and refunds of Fine Jewelry. Additionally, proof of identity is required for refunds by check. Check refunds will not be issued to or payable to anyone other than the initial purchaser. A $100 restocking fee will apply to Fine Jewelry that has been resized or made at a special, non-stocked size to accommodate a specific customer. Wholesale customers are excluded from this policy and may only return Fine Jewelry for store credit.

For information about our Exchange Policies for Regular Merchandise, please click here.

Start the Return Process

Please fill out this form or visit our brick & mortar store to initiate a return within the time periods described above. Do not ship your item until you receive confirmation from us. There is no refund or reimbursement on shipping/handling charges. Please let us know the reason for your exchange — we strive to provide the best possible service and product for our customers.

Returns of Fine Jewelry must be sent by purchaser via USPS Priority or more expeditious method. Please include insurance for high-value items and ample padding to protect your item during shipment. Betsy & Iya will not be responsible for inadequately packaged or insured items or items damaged during shipment in any way.

Upon receipt of your Fine Jewelry in original condition, we will issue the store credit via gift card or refund via the original payment method or check for initial cash purchases.


Care & FAQs

Q: How do I clean my Fine Jewelry?
A: For gold rings with a matte finish use a very soft 100% cotton cloth and/or a soft toothbrush with warm water and a gentle soap.

For gold rings with a polished finish use a Sunshine polishing cloth to brighten/shine up your gold.

General Care: To clean gold and around the stones, let your piece soak in warm water and gentle soap for at least 15 minutes, then use a soft 100% cotton cloth and/or a soft toothbrush to gently wipe and clean gold and around stones. We stand by our work and have taken great care to make a solid, long lasting beautiful piece of jewelry. That said, jewelry is not indestructible and extra care should be taken to ensure that your cherished piece remains in great condition for years to come. Stones and metal can become loose, chip, or crack through prolonged heat/cold exposure, contact with harsh chemicals, certain perfumes/lotions, chlorine, and rubbing or knocking up against another hard surface including other jewelry, dirt, sand, etc. (e.g. don't wear it while sledding, gardening, playing at the beach, or in the hot tub...); basically, when in doubt, remove your jewelry.

Q: You don't offer my ring size on your website. Can you make a ring at a different size?
A: Yes! We can easily accommodate quarter sizes between the posted size ranges for Fine Jewelry. Quarter sizes are offered for the same price as the half-size just below the requested quarter size. Requests for sizes larger or smaller than posted sizes may be possible and may require a surcharge for material, labor, and/or redesign. Either way, please contact us for more information.

Q: I need my ring re-sized. Can you help?
A: Yes! We are happy to resize jewelry we made. Included within 60 days of purchase of Betsy & Iya fine jewelry or presentation of our jewelry to its recipient (whichever is later) is one complimentary resizing. Additional resizing or resizing done after this time period is done for a fee. Please note: certain styles have a limited range of resizing possible and may require an exchange.

Most fine jewelers, including us, can size your finger for free prior to purchase. While every care is taken to mitigate negative effects, the process of resizing may involve cutting, soldering, and/or stretching, which places inherent stress on your ring, and any stones set within it. Because of this, if it's possible to do so, buying the correct size to begin with is best. Don't let this worry you, though.

We know sometimes it's impossible to determine someone else's finger size without ruining a surprise (*wink, wink*). In these cases, just try to get as close as possible (google figure out a ring size secretly for some helpful tips). After resizing, we thoroughly inspect all rings before returning them to you and we stand behind our resizing. Resizing performed by us will have no effect on the warranty the piece originally came with, unless otherwise stated to you in writing. Online ring sizing tools provide approximate sizes only, and should not be relied upon for highly accurate sizing. Please contact us for assistance with any sizing questions.

We do not work on other designers' jewelry, including repairs or resizing, but we can refer you to a few jewelers in Portland we trust to do this type of work. Our complimentary resizing does not affect the duration of our return window, but resized rings will be subject to a restocking fee in the unlikely event they are returned after resizing.

Q: For your custom work, can you source diamonds and other gemstones, or do I need to provide these?
A: We can source any material or stone needed for your project. We work with only reputable and ethical suppliers, will opt to use recycled metals instead of newly-mined whenever viable, and all of our white diamonds are lab-created, sustainably grown in the Pacific Northwest with a zero-carbon-footprint making process. We are often able to reuse metal you bring to us or work with stones you already own, as long as they pass our quality check. If we aren't able to work with your materials, we will explain why and show you any quality concerns under a microscope.

Q: What is your warranty on Fine Jewelry?
A: We stand behind our jewelry and expect that with proper care, your Betsy & Iya fine jewelry will last for years to come. We offer a non-transferable one-year warranty on workmanship defects in our fine jewelry. We cannot warrant work performed by other jewelers (including resizing), and any such work will void our warranty. Jewelry is not indestructible and will stay beautiful longer by adhering to our General Care tips above in this section, as well as Jewelry Materials, Care, and Maintenance tips.

Q: I've worn my ring every day since I got it! Now a stone is loose, what do I do?
A: Don’t worry; we can help! But do stop wearing the ring immediately and contact us. We will take a look at the piece and tighten any stones that may have become loose. Outside of our warranty period or in cases of heavy wear and tear, there may be an associated repair charge after we can assess the piece and determine what needs to happen to bring it back to its original state.

Q: Can I change the type of gold or a stone of a collection piece?
A: We can customize the pieces to a certain extent. Please contact us to inquire about the possibilities. If you’re looking for a complete custom experience–exciting!–head over to our Custom Jewelry Design page for more details and to set up a meeting.

Q: Do you ship fine jewelry fully insured?
A: Yes.

Q: Are your diamonds conflict-free?
A: Yes! In fact, our diamonds are beyond conflict-free because for our white diamonds we only use lab-grown diamonds. The Kimberly Process is a start in ensuring diamonds are conflict-free around the world, but unfortunately it has many loopholes which is why we've made the decision to transition to lab-grown only in our fine jewelry collections and custom work. Beyond that, the diamonds we use are grown sustainably in the Pacific Northwest by our zero-carbon-footprint vendor. In addition, to lessen our impact on the earth from mining, we use recycled metal whenever possible, and all materials come from only honest, ethical, and reputable sources.

Q: How soon can your rings be delivered?
A: In most cases, your ring will be made to order. Please allow up to 2-4 weeks for production, plus additional shipping time (varies by carrier and service). If you need your ring sooner, please contact us. 

Q: Where are your rings made?
A: Every aspect of our rings is handmade in our Portland, Oregon production studio from design sketches to stone setting and final finish.

Q: Where can I see/touch/try on your wedding & engagement rings?
A: You can find them at our brick & mortar at 1777 NW 24th Avenue, Portland, OR 97210. If you think you might need a little more time with the rings, please contact us to schedule a private viewing.

Q: Do you do custom wedding and engagement rings?
A: YES! Yes yes yes! Learn more about our custom jewelry design process.