Rakkaus necklace

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Things you can always be better at: giving pedestrians the right of way, noticing your friend's new haircut, avoiding library fines, slipping a long necklace over your head and taking your outfit to the next level. For help on that last one, may we introduce the Rakkaus necklace, a truly versatile addition to your collection. For help with the rest of those things, you're on your own. But we have total faith in you because you're a rad human.

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Materials: Sterling silver snake chain with a thick cast bronze modern semicircle, originally carved from wax. 

Made by hand in our Portland, Oregon studio.

Bronze and Sterling silver can tarnish over time. Both can be brought back to their original luster with a polishing cloth. For information on how to keep your jewelry looking gorgeous for the long haul, go here.
Necklace measures approximately 32" long and slides on over the head. Half Circle pendant is 1.5" wide by .75" high.


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