Terrazzo Incense Holder


Simple, functional and cool. These incense holders are perfect for that end of the day chill routine.

Materials: Concrete + recycled glass with a cork base.

Colors are integrally mixed into the concrete and results in each piece being unique.

About Pretti.Cool: Pretti.cool is a creative collective, banded together by their love of collaboration and beautifully designed home goods. Based in Houston, Texas, Pretti.cool creates modern and innovative pieces ranging from aromatherapy, jewelry, and artful decor. Their wares combine industrial materials with vibrant pops of color that embody contemporary style with durability and longevity.

Measures 2.375" w x 1.25" h
Do not submerge in water. Wipe clean with mild soap and water. Burn incense sticks in this heat proof incense holder that can catch ashes as the stick burns. Never leave burning incense unattended.  


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