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    All natural, unisex skincare for your whole body and whole family.  A blend of organic cold-pressed plant oils and steam-distilled essential oils that are cleansing, hydrating, and balancing.  For use on the face, body, hair... everywhere!

    Ingredients: The Mainstay blend has a signature blend of cold-pressed plant oils: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba ,and Castor Oil.  The essential oils are the Everyday Oil Mainstays: Palo Santo, Lavender, Geranium and Clary Sage.  A blend that is a beautiful contradiction: mysterious but familiar, uplifting but calming, cleansing, moisturizing, clarifying and healing.

    Recommended Use: Use as a face wash, as make-up remover, as a hair/beard conditioner, as an after-shave, as a moisturizer, as a nursing salve... the uses are endless!

    Available in 2oz & 4oz sizes.

    About Everyday Oil: Founder Emma Allen started making Everyday Oil years ago for herself - simply because she couldn't find anything like it on the market! It took a lot of time to create a blend with the perfect texture that had all of the qualities she wanted, that absorbed really well without sitting on top of the skin, that was super hydrating but also cleansing, and that smelled amazing.

    Made by a small team in Black Mountain, North Carolina, USA.


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