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    With its modern design and unusual details, the Spero diamond ring makes a great non-traditional engagement ring or diamond wedding band, or to mark a special occasion. Two sparkling tapered baguette diamonds are set in 14K yellow gold and connect to form a unique shape.

    Made to be matched, the Spero ring’s semicircle carving creates a full circle when paired with the Amandi Ring. Add to this set at once or at a later date by getting the Basio Ring which fits neatly next to the Spero's contoured edge. Whether you're stacking the rings or matching them with a partner, you'll find there are many different ways in which you can match rings from this collection to create new and interesting shapes. 

    Two step-cut tapered baguette white lab-grown diamonds in a unique prong setting.
    Color/Clarity: G-I/VS
    Total diamond weight: .21 carats
    Set in 14K yellow gold.
    Each diamond measures approximately 4.5 mm x 2 mm.

    Band measures 4.9 mm wide at point and 1.7 mm on sides/back.

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    The Spero Ring is an original Betsy & Iya design. Every aspect of this ring is handmade in our Portland, Oregon production studio from design sketches, 3D wax building and hand-carving, to the lost wax casting method, delicate setting of the stones, and final finish. All made with so much love. 

    Our diamonds only sourced from suppliers who guarantee their stones are conflict-free.

    Please allow 2-4 weeks for production, plus additional shipping time (varies by carrier and service).

    Model is wearing the Matte finish option.

    Matte Gold: Use a very soft 100% cotton cloth and/or a soft toothbrush with warm water and a gentle soap.
    Polished Gold: Use a Sunshine polishing cloth to brighten/shine up your gold. 
    General Care: To clean gold and around the stones, let your piece soak in warm water and gentle soap for at least 15 minutes, then use a soft 100% cotton cloth and/or a soft toothbrush to gently wipe and clean gold and around stones. We stand by our work and have taken great care to make a solid, long lasting beautiful piece of jewelry. That said, jewelry is not indestructible and extra care should be taken to ensure that your cherished piece remains in great condition for years to come. Stones and metal can become loose, chip, or crack through prolonged heat/cold exposure, contact with harsh chemicals, certain perfumes/lotions, chlorine, or knocking up against another hard surface (e.g. don't wear it while sledding or in the hot tub...); basically, when in doubt, remove your jewelry.
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