Is there a wrong way to stack jewelry? We say no. (Unless, of course, you can't bend your finger anymore. That's no good.)

It can be difficult to start stacking - "I just don't wear a lot of jewelry," you might say, or perhaps you think your fingers look "weird" and don't think stacking is for you. Maybe you just don't know how to combine a bunch of rings in the right way. To all of that, we say: Just go for it! No one becomes a master stacker without trying. Here are some tips to get you started...

The journey to stackhood starts with a single step - or a single ring, in this case. First, find a ring that you know and love - it can be small and simple, or a big and ornate ring you'd like to stack around. 


betsy & iya faceted ring stacks in gold fill and sterling silver


At betsy & iya, we love to use our Faceted Gold-Filled Rings as a base. They're oh-so-simple and easy to stack, and yet absolutely stunning at the same time. The little facets act like mini disco balls, reflecting light in a particularly dazzling way.


betsy & iya jewelry faceted ring stack options


You can stack faceted rings on their own and let the texture do the talking, or you can weave them into a more complicated stack. We even love to stack them with our Fine Collection for a little surprise.


betsy & iya rings stacked on fists


When combining rings, it's important to think about shape. You want to layer rings that will fit well together, or else you'll have awkward empty spaces on your fingers. Given that, if you have a larger statement ring, you might want to wear that on its own and stack rings on your other fingers (see above for lots of ideas). 

It can also be fun to play with repetition and stack the same piece over and over and over to see what it looks like in bulk (like we did with our Modu cuff, below). It allows you to see your jewelry in a whole new way, and adds a dose of sparkle and texture on your wrist!

betsy & iya modu cuffs stacked


betsy & iya jewelry stacked on a hand

We're big fans of mixing metals, which works particularly well with ring stacks. Switching up metals will allow your rings to really stand out from one another and highlight their features—bronze, brass, silver, and gold tones can look absolutely gorgeous when worn together.

 betsy & iya jewelry simple ring stacks with mixed metals

You can also start stacking in the really subtle ways. Our Smooth Sterling Silver Rings (above, on ring finger) are sweet, delicate, and look fantastic stacked together. Start by stacking two, and you'll see just how quickly you get hooked.

sulu-design faceted bead necklaces layered

There's really no wrong way to start stacking jewelry. Whether you go for rings, cuffs, or even necklaces, the key to stacking is wearing what you love. When jewelry makes you happy, it'll never look bad.


Stack on, friends!