Outfit of the Day: Boss Lady & Her Braid.

Boss Lady Betsy found a new hairstyle for herself by accident after she slept in a braid and pinned it up to hide under her shower cap... little did she realize how fabulous it looked! Has anyone else been listening to Beyoncé's new album? If so, I hope the lyrics from the song Flawless stating, "I woke up like this, I woke up like this... Flawless," are ringing in your head right now! betsy and iya_betsy and her braid betsy and iya_betsy and her braid2 betsy and iya_betsy and her braid3betsy and iya_betsy and her braid4 What is this mismatched sock action, Betsy!? Pull yourself together. We can't have our Boss Lady lookin' like this.betsy and iya_betsy and her braid5


Dress from Palace

Cardigan from a clothing swap

Belt, gifted

Shoes by BRYR

Tabor earrings by betsy & iya

Scania cuff by betsy & iya

Sonora ring by betsy & iya

Puebla ring by betsy & iya

 Hugs! Barrie ***Song of the moment: ***Flawless by Beyoncé***
Group 7