2013 Resolutions

I'll say it again: Happy New Year!!!! *Bells and whistles and popping sounds of confetti flying everywhere!* Woop woop! Now that it's a brand new year it's time for those good old resolutions to surface. I asked the b&i team to spill their resolution beans. Now, I know resolutions aren't the easiest things to keep, but they're encouraging! It's a chance to look at yourself and evaluate your year: what you liked, what you didn't like, what you'd like to change or keep consistent. It's a challenge! And what good is life if you don't challenge yourself? So here is what we all came up with: Betsy: For years I've been talking about getting back into dance. It is one of my deep loves. When you asked what my resolution would be I struggled to come up with one--there are so many things I'd love to resolve... But for Christmas Will challenged me to put away my years of excuses and gave me the best gift ever, individual AND couples dancing classes. My 2013 resolution instantly became real: to dance more.
Will: My New Year's resolution is to go on a real vacation. It's been a good chunk of time since Betsy and I completely checked out from the daily grind and I'm ready for it! Amory: A couple resolutions for 2013: 1. Find an egg man. Or an egg woman. Or an egg person. I love the idea of knowing who's helping raise my eggs (and I kinda eat a lot of eggs...). Here's to farm fresh local eggs for 2013! 2. Play more music, and listen to more live music. My trumpet's been collecting a bit of dust, and I have a piano in my room now; bring on the noise in 2013!
Alyssa: This year I plan to be better about eating breakfast everyday. Seriously, this is a hard one for me. I am rarely hungry when I get up and I am generally at work by the time I even get around to thinking about it. Most days I just end up skipping it. No more I say! This will be the year in which I eat breakfast everyday, be it yogurt with granola, scrambled eggs or leftover pizza. And I will also stop pretending that a latte counts as food... Matt: My NYR is to build up my library! I have all these books and plays that I want to own, and refuse to buy one of these "Tablets." Not. Gonna. Do it. So this year with each paycheck I want to buy one book or play. Knowledge is Power! Kelly: This year already feels so focused for me. That's what I love about New Years Resolutions-- it allows me to press the refresh button. This year I want to work on my health! I want to take vitamins every day, drink more water, and learn to habitually exercise!!! To health in 2013. Kate: My New Years resolution is to clean my room/do laundry more often. It's getting to be quite a problem when I can't walk around because there is so much junk on the floor. It would be nice to be able to do something in my room for a change. Me: I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best at keeping my resolutions, but this year I think I can do it. I've decided I need to explore more of this glorious Portland. I've lived here for two years now and used the excuse, "I don't have a car or bike and I hate taking the bus" for far too long! I need to get out to the east side and check out all those amazing breakfast spots I've been hearing about (plus, I did just get a gift card to Tasty n Sons... hmmmm). Plus, I just got a new roommate, so now we can explore together. Yipee! And there you have it, the NYR's of the b&i team for 2013. I like the variety! Another thing I like about resolutions is that they can be so simple but can make you stop and think for a second, "Hmm, maybe I should work on that too?" Love it. Well, I wish all my colleagues the best of luck with their resolutions and I'm positive that all are achievable, except maybe Kate's... I've tried that resolution every year and it never seems to work out for me... But you got it Kate! Work it! We must all work. it. hard! Wish us luck everyone, and good luck to all of you with your resolutions, whatever they may be. Enjoy your weekends! Love, Barrie ***Song of the moment: This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan***
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