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You + Me, pt. 1 VIP Release Party.

There’s two things you can always count on betsy & iya to do better than almost anyone: making super awesome jewelry & throwing super awesome parties. Don’t tell me that the only certainties in life are death & taxes!

To celebrate the launch of our newest collection, You + Me, pt. 1, we decided to combine our two strengths & throw a party. Obviously, we wanted to do a little something to commemorate the 15 amazing pieces of new jewelry, but we also wanted to have some fun together after working super hard to finish everything in time for the launch.

new betsy & iya jewelry release party

Our  small shindig included our top customers, VIPs, & press, who were invited to come see the new collection in person and toast to the joy of more betsy & iya jewelry out in this world.

We’ll be hosting another public release party for First Thursday on February 5th. Stay tuned for more deets! (Yes, we will have the photo area & props set out for that party, too. Don’t you fret).

Thanks for all the You + Me, pt. 1 love thus far! It feels so wonderful to hear all the positive reactions.



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Back to the Grind.

The first full week after the holidays always seems especially… challenging. The snooze button is somehow more appealing, getting back into the groove of a workday seems daunting, and if you’re like me, my “picking an awesome outfit” mojo is a little rusty, too.

Luckily, our neighbors at Dragonfly Coffeehouse understand these sluggish feelings & have brought much needed good news this morning: their walk-up window is now open for business! This makes ordering¬†our morning cup o’ joe (ok, afternoon, and early evening, too…) even easier. Glory be!!!!

Dragonfly coffee portland, or

When you simply can’t even be bothered to lift a door handle, Dragonfly’s got you. Super rad addition to the neighborhood! Thanks for being awesome, you guys.

Now, it’s about time for my refill….

Happy 2015,


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How to make a holiday card, betsy & iya style.

The making of our betsy & iya holiday card photo, a visual diary.

A human pyramid doesn’t just happen, ya know? Serious planning, core strength, and good ol’ fashioned luck went into our execution of this ambitious setup for our holiday card. And if I do say so myself, we nailed it.

Shoutout to Rachelle Hacmac for taking our photo this year!

Father Christmas, is that you?

Pretty proud of my side eye here. I admit, I was skeptical we could pull this off, but as usual, my team supreme!

That base row?? Y’all are beasts!!!! Please note the faces in the progression of the pyramid; they’re gold!

betsy & iya holiday card 2014

The final product! Thank goodness for photoshop.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, dear blog readers, customers, friends, & family members.

xo Anna

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betsy & iya Gift Guide Bonanza!

Holiday Gift Guide

brought to you by b&i

I used these whimsical Laura Berger prints as inspiration for these gift guides. The best part? Every single thing pictured is sold in our shop and is guaranteed to please a variety of people on your shopping list. Don’t waste another moment of precious gift shopping time! Come see us 10am- 6pm through December 24th.

betsy & iya gifts betsy & iya gifts betsy & iya gifts

I’m sorry, was there anything else you need? Didn’t think so. ;-)

If you have any questions about these items, feel free to call us at 503-227-5482, option 5.



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