That New Jewelry Swagger.

One of my favorite parts of a betsy & iya new collection release? Figuring out ways to style the new jewelry! New accessories invite an infinite number of styling possibilities: mixing, matching, and combining. Oh yeah, this is the super fun part. For some You + Me, pt. 2 styling inspiration, I turned to who else Read More

Jumpsuit Joy.

To say we were all excited when this 100% cotton jumpsuit by Curator arrived in-store is an understatement. More accurately, we squealed like school children on the last day of class. It’s simply everything you want out of a one-piece number: lightweight, yet sturdy enough so that it’s not see-through, flattering on the waist and Read More

OOTD Spring Vibes.

SPRING CLOTHING! Yes, all-caps + bold + exclamation point are all necessary because I’m shouting it from my desk while writing this post and seeing the sun intermittently shine through the office windows. I’m so ready to retire my wool socks, boots, and rain coat for a while and even though I know the time Read More

In-store SALE is on.

If I told you the outfit Barrie is wearing is 30% off, would you believe me? Well you should, because it is. And because I’d never lie when it comes to such important retail topics as ‘sale’ in relation to ‘cute outfit.’ Glad we cleared that up. In ALL honesty, select clothing, bags, and bath Read More

Sisterhood of the Casual Pants.

Behold, two gal pals who show up to their lunch date wearing THE SAME PANTS. Let’s see what happens. Stage one: Disbelief “Girrrrrl, you did not just roll up to this cafe wearing the same pants as me! It’s like we have similar tastes or something. Friendship is crazy.” “I KNOW. And I love how we decided Read More

What to wear in the rain.

To say we’ve had a wet start to December would be extremely accurate. Everyone is allowed a few days of hibernation and reverting to the most functional of outfits, but eventually, something’s gotta give. You can’t just hole up and look a mess all winter! Not if we have anything to do with it. Here’s what Read More

OOTD: FALL into b&i.

In my two years at b&i, our clothing racks have never been as full and visually pleasing as they are going into this fall season. Suzy, our retail manager/buyer, and the whole retail team are straight up killing it when it comes to stocking our brick & mortar with the most versatile, functional, and beautiful Read More

OOTD: Late Summer Swag.

If this blog post had a thesis statement it would be: The racks of clothing at betsy & iya are ON POINT right now. Big props to Suzy and all of retail for stocking us with items to build the most versatile summer wardrobe ever. Seriously, ^^^this^^^ keeps popping up in my dreams. But showing Read More

OOTD: Crop it Like it’s Hot (because it is).

News if you’re not in Portland: it’s been realllllly hot this summer. In an effort to wear as little as possible and still be able to go out in public, we present our favorite “look hot, stay cool” solution: raw silk crop tops by Argaman & Defiance! Anna S. and Barrie demonstrated just how comfy Read More

OOTD: One Size Fits All of our Makers.

One style of shirt that looks amazing on several women: some might call this an item of fashion folklore, something they’ve heard about, dreamt about, but never actually seen. I’m here to show you that this shirt not only exists, but is currently for sale on our racks. #DreamsDoComeTrue Tienda Ho Jodi top, $134, seen L to R: Read More

OOTD: Maxi(mum) Hotness.

If you google image search “perfect maxi dress” this is what should appear: it’s lightweight, it’s versatile, it’s throw-on-and-go goodness. I asked my fellow Anna to model it, and she shows off the dress perfectly. The front panels that cover the girls can be arranged in a variety of ways (two shown below) and the Read More

OOTD: For your consideration.

There are SO many great clothing items in the shop right now that I thought for this OOTD post, I’d suggest a few ensembles to make as your outfit of the day in the near future. I think it’s pretty freaking awesome that you can come to one shop – betsy & iya, of course! – and Read More


I recently spent some time, ok a lot of time, going through the photo archives here at b&i in an effort to streamline our cataloging. I filed, I moved, and I even trashed hundreds of photos that we’ve accumulated throughout our nearly 7 years as a business. My favorite files to wade through? The ones Read More

OOTD: Strut Your Stuff.

We found super babes Maya & Mindy looking all sorts of fine wearing pieces from You + Me, pt. 1, so naturally, we had to snap some pictures to share with you. Versatility is something I always consider when buying jewelry and these ladies do a great job of showing ways to wear your betsy Read More

OOTD: Tree Pose.

Welcome to 2015, OOTD lovers! Here we find Gabriella, showing us how to wear a skirt in wintertime with ease. We took a stroll on an early January afternoon & were both taken with these bright green pointy trees just around the block from our shop. Mother Nature, amirite? When you can’t beat her, join Read More

OOTD: I Believe. Do you?

It’s been waaaaay too long since our OOTD series has been blessed with a Matty appearance. For this, I apologize, and am here to hopefully make up for lost time by highlighting him in an eye popping ensemble that only he can pull off. When thought of separately, the elements of this outfit – mythical Read More

OOTD: Fashion Blogger Chic.

Oh, my sweet BChan. Over my time at b&i, I’ve come to think of Barrie as my little sister. We tease, we understand, we collaborate. We even have a name – Channa – that binds us, as if we were a celebrity couple (I like to think that we are in our own way). Barrie Read More

OOTD: Naughty or Nice?

Gabriella, one of our new makers, is just a super sweet human. She’s petite, smiles a lot, and has a great work ethic. I was for sure she would be the type to top Santa’s “nice” list every holiday season, but that was before this OOTD shoot when we ran into a likeness of the jolly Read More

OOTD: Mac Attack.

This OOTD started out normal enough. Alyssa, ever the professional, struck several picture perfect poses for me as we strolled down Raleigh Street during a rare dry moment in our NW Portland neighborhood last week. Here she is, all cozy and pretty in her Smurf-meets-Santa (in a good way) jacket. Then something unexpected happened; as Read More

OOTD: Peruvian Princess.

One part “Warrior Two,” one part South American royalty, this outfit is truly fitting of who Betsy is: a strong, regal woman with a playful personality. A dress with this much pizzaz doesn’t need many additional accessories, and Betsy’s choices – a statement necklace, dangling earrings, and a simple, waist-defining belt – enhance the dress Read More