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Outfit of the Day: Chambray Vrksasana.

I’ve been taking some yoga classes and wanted to show off my Vrksasana Tree pose in my newest chambray romper! You like?

betsy and iya_ barrie chambray romper

betsy and iya_ barrie chambray romper2

betsy and iya_ barrie chambray romper3

betsy and iya_ barrie chambray romper4

betsy and iya_ barrie chambray romper5


Romper & Sandals from Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses by Retro Super Future from Palace

Necklace from Free People

Bracelets, vintage

Golden Gate cuff by betsy & iya

Rings by betsy & iya


I might have some work to do on my yoga practice… and my tan. #toopale




***Song of the moment: The Jean Genie by David Bowie***

Outfit of the Day: Birthday Threads.

I’ll admit, this post is a little late. Alyssa’s birthday was in the beginning of June… but that does’t mean she doesn’t still look amazing in this vintage dress!betsy and iya_Alyssa birthday dress

betsy and iya_Alyssa birthday dress2

betsy and iya_Alyssa birthday dress3

All pink color scheme in honor of Alyssa. From Monday through Friday she wore a different shade of pink to celebrate.

betsy and iya_Alyssa birthday dress4

betsy and iya_Alyssa birthday dress5


Dress from Dear Golden

Shoes gifted from Mom

Necklace from Demimonde

Cathedral Park ring by betsy & iya

Maybe we should always wear a special color to represent our birthdays. If we wear red, white & blue for Fourth of July, or green & red for Christmas, then why not the color of your choosing for your “name day?”



***Song of the moment: I Got The Feelin’ by James Brown***

Outfit of the Day: Summer Shakin’.

betsy and iya_betsy summer shakin'

While Summer is a time to relax and veg out at beaches, backyards, and bars, it’s also a time to be more active! Everyone’s out on bicycles, brew cycles & boogie boards getting their vitamin D fix. One of Betsy’s favorite activities (not necessarily summer-specific) is dancing. After she’s gotten some coffee in her system you’ll often find her exerting some of that caffeine energy with little jigs here and there… even when I’m trying to take pictures of her outfit.


betsy and iya_betsy summer shakin'2

betsy and iya_betsy summer shakin'3

betsy and iya_betsy summer shakin'4


betsy and iya_betsy summer shakin'6


Dress by UZI NYC from betsy & iya

Cardigan from Anthropologie

Jeans by Gap

Shoes from Sweden

Sunglasses by Silvano

Ornament earrings by Takara

Peruvian cuff & African bangle from betsy & iya

Scania cuff by betsy & iya

Sonora & Puebla ring by betsy & iya



Dance on my friends. Summer is officially here.




***Song of the moment: Sh-Boom by The Chords***

Outfit of the Day: Is it Twilight Yet?

Matty’s mane is getting out of control; he’s got the longest hair in production! While we can all agree that those cascading curls are a thing of beauty, can we also agree that it’s starting to look a little bit like a vampire? Not saying that’s a bad thing…

betsy and iya_Matty is it twilight yet

betsy and iya_Matty is it twilight yet2

betsy and iya_Matty is it twilight yet3

It even looks like he’s starting to hide in the shadows…

betsy and iya_Matty is it twilight yet4

betsy and iya_Matty is it twilight yet5


Top from H&M

Jeans by Naked & Famous from Machus

Shoes from Johnny Sole

African bangle from betsy & iya

Necklace by NLS Jewelry

Olandia necklace by betsy & iya

Uppland bracelet by betsy & iya

Colima ring by betsy & iya

Definition ring by betsy & iya




***Song of the moment: Kind Of Guy by King Tuff***