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OOTD: Strut Your Stuff.

We found super babes Maya & Mindy looking all sorts of fine wearing pieces from You + Me, pt. 1, so naturally, we had to snap some pictures to share with you. Versatility is something I always consider when buying jewelry and these ladies do a great job of showing ways to wear your betsy & iya with a variety of ensembles. The pictures speak for themselves; take a look & be inspired!

ways to wear betsy & iya jewelry

On Maya: Líe hoop earrings, $74

ootd betsy & iya portland, or

On Mindy: Tuyo ring (silver) $49, Oscura earrings $79

ootd betsy & iya portland, or

On Maya: Cielo y Suelo necklace (seen here without ring) $277, Juntos bangle $69ootd betsy & iya portland, or

On Maya: Ayni necklace 18″ $79, on Mindy: Uni cuff $89, Nous ring (short) $34

ootd betsy & iya portland, or

On Maya: Juntos bangle $69,  Nous ring (short) $34, (tall) $38

ootd betsy & iya portland, or

On Mindy: Mini Líe hoop earrings $54, Suelo ring (bronze) $42,  La Luz necklace $79

ootd betsy & iya portland, or

On Mindy: Juntos bangle $69, Tuyo y Mía ring set (bronze) $98

ootd betsy & iya portland, orOn Mindy: Ayni necklace 18″ $79, Vous et Moi stud earrings (bronze) $48, Uni cuff $89

Thanks to our fab models Maya & Mindy, and also to our street style photographer, Rachelle Hacmac.



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OOTD: Tree Pose.

Welcome to 2015, OOTD lovers! Here we find Gabriella, showing us how to wear a skirt in wintertime with ease. We took a stroll on an early January afternoon & were both taken with these bright green pointy trees just around the block from our shop. Mother Nature, amirite? When you can’t beat her, join her. 3, 2, 1… TREE POSE.

outfit of the day portland, OR

outfit of the day

ootd portland, or


ootd portland, or


Hat found during trip to Italy

Shirt by J. Crew

Skirt by Brooklyn Industries

Tights from Imelda’s & Louie’s Shoes

Flats by French Sole

Badlands necklace by betsy & iya

May all your outfits be blog post worthy this year!


***Song of the Moment: Nearly Lost You by Screaming Trees***

OOTD: I Believe. Do you?

It’s been waaaaay too long since our OOTD series has been blessed with a Matty appearance. For this, I apologize, and am here to hopefully make up for lost time by highlighting him in an eye popping ensemble that only he can pull off. When thought of separately, the elements of this outfit – mythical creature t-shirt, paisley print, sporty shoes, man bun – don’t necessarily scream “YOU LOOK GREAT,” but put together, on this bod, they work. Even more impressive than – dare I say it – an actual unicorn sighting!

OOTD Portland, OR

OOTD Portland, OR


Paisley shirt by H&M

Unicorn T-shirt from Powell’s

Jeans by Naked & Famous

Jacket from Nordstrom

Shoes by Keen

Jewelry vintage or he made himself (talented man!)

I hope this OOTD encourages you to take some risks next time you get dressed. I can’t promise you’ll look as good as Matty, because look at him, but at least you won’t look boring (which is the worst thing in fashion, IMHO).



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OOTD: Fashion Blogger Chic.

Oh, my sweet BChan. Over my time at b&i, I’ve come to think of Barrie as my little sister. We tease, we understand, we collaborate. We even have a name – Channa – that binds us, as if we were a celebrity couple (I like to think that we are in our own way). Barrie is sassy in the best possible way and will often declare “I look good today,” when she is particularly killing it in the outfit department. This is usually a precursor to an OOTD shoot, and an Instagram capture for her personal account –> @onequirkypeach. Which, for the record, features a lot of uncredited photos by me. ;-)

I call this look “fashion blogger chic.” All the classic elements of a Pinterest-perfect ensemble are present: trendy print worn with an otherwise neutral palate as to not overwhelm a small frame/the eyes of onlookers, high socks peeking out over broken-in flat boots, a standout accessory, and not too-messy-not-too-styled hair. Girl’s got it all plus a thigh gap. Bow down.

Now, let’s check out these fashion blogger-worthy poses. Werk/werq/WORK, Barrie!

ootd portland oregon

“Just twirlin’ all carefree in my cardig…..OMIGOSH, CAMERA!!! I did not see you there!!!! *flashes megawatt smile*”

ootd portland oregon

“You did not just ask if I got this dress at Kohl’s.”

ootd portland oregon

“Me & this imaginary rock? We have an afternoon kick sesh every Friday at noon!”

ootd portland oregon

“Sometimes my hair gets in my face. See, I’m just like YOU!”

***break for color spotting***

ootd portland oregon

“Actually, I’m not just like you. Does the back of your dress look this good? Didn’t think so.”

ootd portland oregon

“What? Someone asked to see my necklace!”


Dress by Groceries Apparel

Cardigan by Urban Outfitters

Socks by American Apparel

Boots by Aldo

Jalisco necklace by betsy & iya

I did mention above that we like to tease each other, so Barrie knows that this post that pretty much pokes fun at bloggers at her expense, is all in jest. Good thing I now control OOTD land here on the blog, or I’d definitely fear retaliation….

Until next time,


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