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Expansion Update: Full Speed Ahead.

It’s getting to the point in the construction process when everything is moving so quickly. Granted, this is ideal and what is supposed to happen as the project gets closer to being finished (bravo Rachael & co!), but it is just so cool to witness. For a few weeks at the beginning of construction, things moved at a slower pace as bigger tasks like wiring and concrete pouring were completed over many days. Now, everyday brings something new!

betsy & iya brick & mortar

Can’t wait to reveal what’s been going on behind that plastic curtain!

Since my last update, we officially celebrated the sixth birthday of betsy & iya and are nearing the end of phase one of construction. The sign we’ve officially entered phase two will come when the crew knocks through the wall that currently stands between our current shop and all work that’s been done in the new space, uniting the past and the future of betsy & iya. *fist pump*

betsy & iya buildout progress

Left: Sealant for the beautiful exposed wood wall was applied on the first day of Spring 2014. I celebrated with a #fromwhereIstand Instagram and by wearing leggings instead of full tights (it’s the little joys). Middle: Rachael hand applying aforementioned sealant. She calls me over for daily updates and I can’t eve begin to say how grateful I am for her active role in the documentation of construction. Right: Just because we aren’t moved in doesn’t mean the new space isn’t being used, especially on days it’s crowded and there’s painting to be done (holy fumes). Here’s Betsy hard at work painting Voyage collection pieces while Will defends his “Huzzy of the Year” title by dutifully supplying her with coffee (shoutout to our NY peeps!).

betsy & iya buildout progress

Left: It was a true team effort when the wood for our countertops arrived! Matt & Amory jumped in to help unload the truck. Full disclosure: The main reason for posting this photo is to show Amory’s impressive arm muscles. Middle: I never thought I’d gush over sheets of lumber, but daaang!!! They’re so smooth and sturdy, and they have that “straight from the forest” smell. Right: Will checking out the delivery & giving an approving once over.

betsy & iya buildout progress

Another exciting development? The window that’ll be in our conference room/lounge area is finished, replacing a boarded over area. The glass panes will open – garage door style –  for maximum fresh air enjoyment when the weather allows. If you’re local, drive by and check it out!

That’s all for this update, my friends. If you’re wondering “gee whiz, this is all so exciting, when the heck can we officially celebrate?” I say to you, stay tuned. BIG things are ahead: the date of our party, what special surprises await that day/night, and maybe a few other super cool, super top secret projects that will be revealed. It wouldn’t be a betsy & iya endeavor without some magical mystery!

For weekly – and soon, bi-weekly – #betsyandiyabuildout updates, follow us on Instagram @betsyandiya.



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Power of the Purse 2014.

For the fourth year in a row, we are  a participating boutique for the Girls Inc. of NW Oregon’s fundraiser, Power of the Purse. On Friday, March 14th,  attendees have the exclusive opportunity to shop an impressive lineup of retailers including Will Leather Goods, Consigning Women Handbags and our neighborhood pals, Aleda Fitness, before settling in for dinner, a live auction, and runway presentation that’s sure to have you using your best “America’s Next Top Model” one-liners.

Power of the Purse 2014, Girls Inc NW

With a mission to “inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold,” Girls Inc. serves 125,000 girls ages 6-18 in the United States and Canada. Our Portland affiliate has been active since 1998, and our relationship with the organization began with a simple ask. As as female business owner and designer/maker of items that are intended to make women of all ages feel strong, smart & bold, when Betsy was initially approached  to participate in their annual fundraiser, it was an easy “yes!”

Check out their blog post about betsy & iya as well as other Purse-O-Nalities (<– yes, I love it!). Just think about it… our collective purse powers combined could really make a difference in the lives of girls in our area.

If you’re looking for something fun to kick off your weekend, buy a ticket, have a drink and get your shop on.. all for a good cause!



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Expansion Update: The Great Wall(s).

Hello again, #betsyandiyabuildout followers! I write an expansion update every other week and each time, the same thoughts invade my mind: I wonder how it’s already possible for another one,  how so many leaps & bounds have been made in only a few days, how the grand opening party will be here before we know it (start planning your outfits now, people, it’s going to be a BASH!!). This time, I’m thinking all of those things as per usual, but with greater emphasis on the progress. It’s like when a fetus starts to really resemble a baby human; dry wall now covers the insulation that was put in last week, and the exposed wood wall is almost done. It’s starting to look like an *almost* fully formed space back there!

construction progress

Rachel & Will check in about progress, share tips on where to buy cool boots

Insulation is just blowing my mind these days. It’s one of those “don’t know what ya got till it’s gone” things; when it was removed from a portion of our current production space to begin work on plumbing, it was instantly missed (holy chilliness!). In the new space, I was expecting the cotton candy pink kind that I was warned against touching as a kid, but this pillowy version is a lovely shade of mint green and made of wool (it’s also fire and sound proof).

insulation installation

I pop over to check in on things about twice a week, but I forget that my coworkers rarely take breaks to visit. We all decided to venture back after a Thursday all staff meeting and their reactions were gold! I think Alyssa might have actually shed happy tears.

expansion progress

We’ve all highly anticipated the exposed wood wall that’s been discussed since we first saw the plans. Reclaimed wood from Salvage Works arrived (left), was cut to size by Justin (middle), and then up it went! Oooh’s & ahhh’s ensued (right).

reclaimed wood used in remodeling

On the ground, sawdust & sassy shoes; on the wall, some extremely sexy reclaimed-wood-on-exposed-brick action (how are we going to concentrate with all that beeeeauty?!).

remodeling progress

Allow me an indulgent moment: here’s me, as captured by Betsy, with the silly grin on my face that just appears every time I visit the new space.

exposed wood wall

I’m already looking forward to the next update!



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Expansion Update: Onward & Upward.

Hello build out party people. The past two weeks have been eventful at betsy & iya HQ; Portland saw its first heavy snowfall in a few years, we officially added a new employee, Ashley (allowing Barrie to move into full-time production), and we celebrated Maurice the dog’s one year adoption anniversary. Between all of that, expansion progress continued at its own steady pace with continued work on wiring, concrete pouring, and the beginning stages of our new bathroom (!!!!).

Rachel at work   

Rachel hard at work peeling back the insulation on the wall where our new plumbing pipes will go. Related: insulation works really well.

Construction view

Concrete being poured to make stairs. Little did we know that the next day would bring a heavy snowstorm to Portland, pausing construction – and pretty much everything else in town – for a few days!

I’m used to seeing the jewelry making tools my coworkers use to assemble, refine, and finish jewelry, but construction tools are largely a new thing for me. I liked the above scene of them hanging out, along with a special message for all who enter the work zone.

I love everything about this giant blade! The colors, the sawdust around it, the tiny “fringes” still attached to the piece of wood, the way it looks extremely dangerous (don’t read too much into that…).

construction progress

It’s been a while since I posted a wide shot from my trusty spot on the cement floor. Holy wow. Sure it looks chaotic, dare I say ‘messy,’ but it’s a construction zone, after all. Although I’ve never thought of it before, the guts of a building are just like our own innards; not traditionally pretty, but strangely beautiful in their functionality.  It’s when I see shots like this that I really notice the progress that’s been made. For reference, below is the scene on Day One.

expansion progress

Until next time,

xo Anna

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