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First Thursday August 7th with Caravan Pacific.

Calling all Portland residents with hair! We are amping up our First Thursday game this summer and for the August 7th event, we’re super excited to partner with Shannon from another handmade Portland line, Caravan Pacific. We’ll be hosting a release party for modern metal hair ties designed by Shannon and manufactured by Studio ERG.

First Thursday Portland, OR

Available in brass and copper, these simple hair accessories are made for the modern woman: easy to wear and style, keeping strands in place while seamlessly transitioning from day to night looks. Each purchase gets you complimentary braiding by Portland Jill-of-all-trades, Emily Katz. Shop our entire store, sip, snack, and socialize from 6-9pm.
Oh! And because we never tire of showing off the rad things our friends make, we’ll be carrying the hair ties in our shop going forward.
See you Aug. 7th with your ready-to-be-coiffed manes!
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betsy & iya Summer Tour 2014.

In between enjoying our favorite Rose City Summer activities, we’re making sure July is going to be our favorite kind of month: busy, warm, and full of opportunities to bring YOU the betsy & iya you dream about while you should be working. Read on for your full list of items to promptly insert into your phone calendar!

July 3rd: Kickstart your holiday weekend by shopping extended hours on First Thursday from 6-9pm at our brick & mortar. We’ll have drinks, snacks, and sales!

First Thursday Portland, OR

As with most everything, shopping is better with SUNSHINE!

July 12-13: Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle, WA
Barrie & I are busy compiling our best road trip mix to make the drive north for Urban Craft Uprising. “Seattle’s Largest Indie Craft Show” is always a fun time for us, and we look forward to connecting “IRL” with some of our Seattle peeps.

Urban Craft Uprising Summer 2014

 July 19-20: Renegade Craft Fair, San Francisco
Betsy & Will are making the drive to SF for Renegade this summer to make sure the betsy & iya booth is the most rockin & rollin place to be in the City by the Bay. My money is on them succeeding at doing just that.

Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco

Just thinking about all this west coast traversing makes me want a road trip snack – ya know, something small & preferably crunchy to tie you over between real stops. Note to self: stock up on pita chips before leaving for Seattle.

Hope to see tons of you at our shop, in Seattle &/or San Fran! Anywhere you find yourself in betsy & iya jewelry this summer, make sure to tag us & add #destinationbetsyandiya in your Instagram photos for a chance to win a $200 shopping spree, AND MORE! Our Summer Instagram contest is underway now through August 14th.



***Song of the Moment: Over the Hills and Far Away by Led Zeppelin (def on aforementioned “Road Trip” Playlist)***

Summer Instagram Contest: #destinationbetsyandiya

Our summer Instagram contest starts JUNE 20th and we want YOU to play. Discounts for entry, weekly prizes, and one epic GRAND PRIZE. Read on for more details!

betsy & iya Instagram contest

The contest will run June 20th-August 14th, and we’ll announce the grand prize winner on Friday, August 22nd.  There will also be a prize for the People’s Choice, the picture that gets the most likes over the 8 weeks. Make sure to view entries tagged #destinationbetsyandiya frequently to show support aka “likes” to your favorite photos.

Think of each week -Sunday to Sunday - as a mini challenge part of the greater contest. One of our staff will be the judge each week and he/she will give three prompts for photo entries in the following week. By no means are these requirements, but rather fun things to interpret & include if you choose.

The Deets:


  • Follow: @betsyandiya
  • Share: photo or video of you or someone else wearing betsy & iya jewelry, tag us in the photo & include #destinationbetsyandiya
  • Score: Leave your email address in the comments so we can email you a 10% off discount code. You can upload as many photos as you like, but only one discount code per person, per week. This part is totally optional!


Enter multiple times over the next 8 weeks to be eligible to win one or more of our prizes:
  • Grand Prize: Ultimate Portland Staycation Package featuring 2 nights at the Jupiter Hotel, 2 tickets to the Lan Su Chinese Garden + 4 meals at some of Portland’s most wildly delicious hotspots: Fireside, Ración, Tasty n’ Alder, and Tasty n’ Sons, PLUS a $200 betsy & iya gift certificate. Winner chosen by Betsy from ALL the entries.

  • $100 betsy & iya gift certificate & $50 gift certificates to Portland eateries Grassa and Lardo: People’s Choice Award to the photo that receives the most likes in the contest will win a to redeem in store or online. Check the hashtag often and support the pictures you love!
  • $50 betsy & iya gift certificate: weekly winners chosen by staff member every Friday & have their photos regrammed
  • 10% off coupon: ALL entries that leave us an email address in their comments get a 10% off discount code that can be redeemed online.

The Inspiration

Travel. Adventure. Culture. Place. Color. Ask Betsy what inspires her designs, and you’re guarenteed to hear one of the previous words. One reason I believe people love our jewelry so much is because it’s intended for a life well lived. It’s evocative. It’s accessible. It reflects the life the wearer wants to live, where he/she wants to go. Jewelry for the journey; the ever changing, sometimes rocky – but always thrilling – journey.

It’s with all this in mind that we’re launching our summer Instagram photo contest. Summer days are ripe for adventure, exploration, and travel. Approach this contest thinking of betsy & iya jewelry as the ultimate companion. We want to see where your betsy & iya has been. The trips it’s taken. The sights it’s seen. The friends it hangs out with. Whether your destination is a park down the street for an impromptu picnic or across an ocean to explore a different country, we want your destination to always include betsy & iya.


  • Week 1 June 20-June 26: Ashley
  • Week 2, June 27-July 3: Barrie
  • Week 3, July 4-10: Suzy
  • Week 4, July 11-17: Alyssa
  • Week 5, July 18-24: Will
  •  Week 6, July 25-31: Amory
  • Week 7, August 1-7: Matty
  • Week 8, Aug. 8-14: Anna
  • People’s Choice: determined by highest number of likes
  • Grand Prize: Betsy

Other Details:

  • Weekly winners announced on Friday and the prompts for the next week to be announced on that same day
  • Must be your original photo/video. NO regrams from other sources will be considered
  • Remember, if your page is private, we won’t be able to see your entry!

This is our first Instagram contest and we can’t wait to live vicariously through your summer adventures. Most of all, HAVE FUN with this. For us, the joy of Instagram lies in the way it helps further connect us to our fans near and far.

Alright, get gramming!


***Song of the Moment: Every Picture Tells a Story by Rod Stewart***

Introducing: Meridith Kula

The rumors are true! We’ve got a new lovely lady in the shop. Take a moment and get to know our newest member to the team: Meridith Kula. I promise, she’s as kula as a cucumber! (Sorry, I had to…)

betsy and iya_meet the meredith3

Where do you hail from?

Honolulu, HI via Brooklyn, NY


Sewing; sourcing and fixing up vintage clothing; making jewelry; attempting to garden / keep plants alive; occasionally cooking elaborate meals. And yoga, when I’m being a good girl.

meredith intro insta feed

Some adorable snap shots form Meridith’s Instagram.

Favorite bar in PDX

I still have lots of exploring to do, but so far Victory Bar is my favorite low-key place while the Expatriate is great for a more upscale cocktail experience.

Guilty pleasure

‘Window shopping’ on Etsy for vintage dress patterns and homewares. Oh god, and Candy Crush (cringe).

What would your doppelgänger’s name be?

My boyfriend suggests Meridifferent.

betsy and iya_meet the meredith

Favorite TV show or author. 

I’m currently enmeshed in Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Girls, and West Wing. Oh wait, maybe Six Feet Under is my favorite TV show. Such a good show. Yes. I recently read my first Alice Munro book of short stories and loved it. I look forward to reading more of her work.

Three things you can’t leave your house without

  • Lip balm, preferably tinted.
  • Some sort of hair accoutrement (like a comb or clip) in case I’m feeling fickle and want to change the hair situation whilst out.
  • Depending on my destination, I like to have a bottle of water and / or a jacket. And shoes I can walk at least a mile in. Basically I like to feel as prepared as possible for unexpected events that may arise.

Your favorite DIY project:

Making clothes! Taking something that’s been discarded or that’s imperfect and identifying what’s special about it and accentuating that. Making it fit a human body in just the way I imagine. Making something unique that’s not everyone’s style but is someONE’s perfect exact style.

*Editors note: Check out Meridith’s website. She makes some seriously beautiful pieces*

betsy and iya_meet the meredith2

Some repurpose/upcycled/freshly-made designs by the lady herself.

What makes you laugh the most?
- Jokes? Hahah. This video is special.

Top 3 favorite b&i pieces

The Pathway necklace – it’s simple and cool with a little bit of color.

Dalia bangle – I can’t decide on a color scheme, though!

The Girding Element necklace - it reminds me of a Mayan temple dressed up for a party.

Favorite breakfast spot:

Home! My boyfriend, Nick, has mastered buttermilk pancakes with fruit with bacon on the side.

betsy and iya_meet the meredith2

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go and why?

Probably Greece. I watched the movie Before Midnight recently (set in Greece) and everything was so sparkly clear blue and white and sun and food. Being from Hawaii, I definitely get ocean withdrawal and I’m aching for a swim in clear deep water.

Best fashion tips and/or mantras to live by

Wear what you feel good in, but occasionally push yourself to try something that you’re drawn to but that you’re maybe a little scared of.

To make a great outfit, pick one strong piece that really suits your mood. Then pull out other pieces and accessories that ‘go’ with it (that can mean a lot of different things) and put it all on even if it looks kind of crazy. Then, like the Italians say, remove one or two or three of the things. Look in the mirror and adjust and then WALK OUT THE DOOR! You’ll look awesome.


Woosh! Every time I do one of these interviews I feel like I went to a speed-dating social. I give Meridith a 10/10! Especially for that fashion advice & doppelgänger name. If you’re in the area I hope you can stop by and say hello to Meridith (and the rest of us)!




***Song of the moment: Keep Me In Mind by Little Joy***