Design of a new collection: You + Me, pt. 2

I tend to approach design from a rather non-design point of view. For me, it’s not about the coolest shape or the most interesting movement. At least, it doesn’t start there. My first concern is connection. From relationships to objects, nature, and people, I strive to connect to that which surrounds me in my everyday Read More

How to design a new jewelry collection: a 15 step tutorial.

No. 1: Sit down. No. 2: Open sketchbook, turn to a blank page. No. 3: Stare at that page. No. 4: Put hands on head and massage ideas out of brain while appearing super focused to people like your business partner, employees, and dogs. No. 5: Freak out and make blanket statements like, “I have no idea what I’m doing.” No. Read More

Birth of a Collection: You + Me, pt. 1

How does a ring go from spark to sketch? How exactly is a collection born? The finished betsy & iya jewelry you know & love isn’t born overnight, as you’ve seen in our weekly Maker Monday Instagram series. With this video, however, we want to show what happens BEFORE a piece is even in our Read More

Small, but Mighty.

There are many details in life that are integral to functioning in various situations, but rarely get their moment to shine. I’m talking about things like shoe laces, seatbelt buckles, and those smartphone friendly fingertips on gloves. The jewelry world is no different; imagine wearing a pair of studs without earring backs (they wouldn’t stay Read More

Maker Monday: Catenary Ring Necklace.

Part of Betsy’s Bridge Collection, the Catenary Ring necklace came to be while Betsy was playing around with materials and pondering the idea of ‘suspension.’ Those thoughts manifested in this amazing creation, made of leather cord, antique brass beads, oxidized brass chain, and brass accents. In the video, watch Alyssa’s dexterous hands cut, then drill the Read More

Maker Monday: St. Johns Bridge Cuff

Our Instagram contest ended last week, and as a final prompt, we urged our followers to share pictures of what home means to them. It was only fitting to dedicate Maker Monday that week to a piece that reminds us of home, the St. Johns Bridge Cuff. Why this piece when we think of home? Read More

Studio Visit by Portland Supply Co.

Portland Supply Co. is a blog we’ve come to admire for their thorough coverage of the local maker scene. Mikola and Jacquelyn, the talented ladies behind the screen and lens, paid us a visit in late June and we’ve been anxious for the post to go live ever since. These are some of the first Read More

How to Survive 6 Years in Business: (hint) teamwork.

(Whilst I was writing this post, I felt the grooves come on. Will caught me. It doesn’t feel right not to share the little raw-state video of the whole scene. Thanks for helping me keep my groove, dear friends). Here we are again. Another year has passed, another reason for me to deepen the well Read More

Inspired by: Random Quotes.

Quotes: Witty sayings or sage pieces of advice once regulated to yearbooks and the front of greeting cards have now infiltrated the feed of nearly every social media network out there. Much to my annoyance, I can’t seem to avoid these lines of supposed wisdom &/or encouragement, often plastered over a field of daisies or Read More

Voyage Lookbook: Behind-the-Scenes, iPhone edition

The photo shoot for our Voyage collection took place during my second week on the team and I was thrilled to be able to make a visit to the set, conveniently located next door to the shop. The few snippets of Betsy’s vision I’d gleaned leading up to that day involved a modern dancer, bright Read More

Designer Interview: Mari of Uzi.

In the “big fashion” industry, there are so very many steps from designer to customer. For me, because of this, the connection to and appreciation for the item often gets lost. I guess that is one of the elements I adore most about the independent artists that we represent in our shop — when I touch Read More

Happy Birthday Betsy!

Another year has passed since our stupendous Betsy’s birthday and today we will celebrate the birth of one of the most inspiring women I know. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETSY Betsy, here’s a little love from the b & i crew to you: “To the best-est SNL (sister-in-law), I am so happy you married my bro and Read More

New Collection coming SOON!

Will and I have had so little sleep getting this new collection across the finish line (I guess you could say we procrastinated on this one, but not for lack of good reason). With the space expansion, hiring another new teammate, family visits, a new collection, prepping for our next big trade show on top Read More

Designer Interview: Shannon Lea from People Like Art.

Today we celebrate the designer of one of the most colorful apparel lines in our brick & mortar shop: Shannon Lea of People Like Art. We’ve been carrying PLA since the shop opened in 2011 and our Portlandians can’t get enough of it! Shannon has been designing for a few years now working with playful Read More

The True Story of a Small Designer.

Last week, someone we know went into an independent boutique and discovered a piece that looked a lot like our Fremont cuff bracelet for sale for $16. She bought it and gave it to us to have a look. The tricky thing is that only one of these bracelets is the Fremont Bridge cuff that Read More

Kiawah Island Escape (slash: Design Retreat).

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing. ~Marc Chagall     I made a quick decision to join my family on the Island of Kiawah (off the coast of South Carolina) last weekend. I wanted to reconnect, to have some space to think, to dream big for Read More

Designer Interview: Upper Metal Class by T.

Delicate & edgy. Can those two elements coincide? With T’s line, Upper Metal Class, she makes it work. Her silver and bronze jewelry is something special; it makes a statement while still managing to “play it cool.” Meet this lovely lady in our interview below! Name:  T. Describe your personal style: My style is pretty relaxed and Read More

A Trail from Mexico.

    I am often asked when I first got the inspiration for betsy & iya. I often reply, “Mexico City.” The vibrant life and culture (literally, in color and also in spirit) paired with a strong maker community made it a personal breeding ground for inspiration. For the entire time I lived there, I Read More