Brick & Mortar

Hours: 10am – 6pm everyday.
Location: 2403 NW Thurman St., Portland, OR 97210 [map]
Telephone: 503.227.5482
Email: info {at}

What began as a handcrafted jewelry line has blossomed into a lifestyle boutique where you’ll find fragrance, clothing, gifts, and of course, the original betsy & iya® jewelry you’ve come to love.

Our brick & mortar shop sits in 800 square feet of the old Ideal Theatre building, a movie theatre from 1912 to 1954. Here, we feature the work of independent artists and designers, as well as our jewelry, which is all designed and made in the on-site studio.  Read more about us.

betsy & iya brick and mortar

Lines we carry: Alex Blendl Historical Photos, Amy Olson, Argaman & Defiance, Artifact Bag Co., Asian Handicraft Imports, Aster & Bay, Banquet, Caravan Pacific, Curator, Demimonde, Dioum Basket, Egg Press, Ghost Dancer, Goertzen, good hYOUman, Groceries, Hello Lucky, Herbivore Botanicals, Ichcha, Laura Berger, Little River Sock Mill, Make it Good, Maple XO, Martine, Matine, Mayron’s Goods,  Modern Radar Co., Molly M, Moniker Goods, Muse, Opinel knives, Palate Polish, Portland General Store, Red Shell, Red Raven Studios, Sapling Press, Sarah Teutimez, Schoon Soap, Shelter, Skeem Design, Studio Olivine, Sulu-Design, Sydney Hale Co., Takara, Upper Metal Class, UZI, Woodblock Chocolate, Wordcake Communications, Workman Publishing.

betsy & iya brick and mortar