OOTD: Black & Blue.

Posted by Anna

Few things make me happier than a three-way closet collision! Behold, this trio of sassy Makers in their blue jeans & black tops. I can’t decide if this looks screams “practical workwear” or “extras from a West Side Story remake.” I’ll let you be the judge.
blue jeans & black shirts outfit of the day


blue jeans outfit of the day



***Song of the Moment: Blue on Black by Kenny Wayne Shepherd***

New in Shop: Voz, Herbivore Botanicals, & Muse.

Posted by Ashley Viberg

Well hello there…

Voz bangles, glad to see you’re back! Herbivore Botanicals, thanks for introducing us to even more amazing skin care products. And welcome Muse belts, looks like we’ll get along just fine.

voz collective bangles

Playful hand painted Voz wooden bangles

Herbivore Botanicals toners and face serum

Herbivore facial toners and face serum: my newest Herbivore obsessions

Muse leather belts

Rich leather belts by Muse

If you have any questions about these items, feel free to call us at the shop 503-227-5482.

xo Ashley

***Song of the Moment: New Morning by Bob Dylan***

Maker Monday: St. Johns Bridge Cuff

Posted by Anna

Our Instagram contest ended last week, and as a final prompt, we urged our followers to share pictures of what home means to them. It was only fitting to dedicate Maker Monday that week to a piece that reminds us of home, the St. Johns Bridge Cuff.

betsy & iya St Johns Bridge Cuff

Why this piece when we think of home? The design of this cuff was inspired by the bridge that Betsy & Will cross everyday they come to work. For them and for all of us, this cuff has a very special place in our respective hearts.

Watch Amory anneal the brass pieces (heating metal makes it easier to manipulate), remove rough edges on the polishing cabinet, hammer & form into a cuff shape, oxidize the recessed area, & finally clean up with a flex shaft.

Each one of our bridge cuffs is hand stamped on the inside with the year it was built and geographic coordinates (I love this detail!).



***Song of the Moment: Teenage Riot by Sonic Youth***



OOTD: Shortalls For the Win.

Posted by Anna

Sadly, I didn’t know Barrie while she was in high school, but I have to imagine that her senior picture looked something like this: posted up against a wall, in a casual cute outfit, with an expression that’s equal parts smirk and sass.

overall shorts

accessory detail

casual cool short overalls

Overalls have solidified their place as fashion’s comeback kids – ‘kids’ because no matter how hip, we’ll always associate them with childhood – appearing on celebrities, fashion bloggers, and off duty models. Barrie’s shortalls fall perfectly in line with the trend, but are also super practical for her work as a maker (comfortable, with pockets) and for the summer (hello, exposed legs!).



***Song of the Moment: Problem by Ariana Grande***