New in Shop: Demimonde Studio Jewelry.

Posted by Anna

Welcome to our shop, Demimonde Studio! Rachael creates each of her intricate, one-of-a-kind designs in her NE Portland studio and retail space. We’re all fans of Rachael’s work because it’s so darn unique. Once you’re familiar with her aesthetic, you’ll be able to spot one of her pieces a mile away.

Demimonde jewelry

Rachael putting the finishing touches on our order at her studio/shop!

Three things we love about Demimonde

1. Movement: even when still, these pieces have motion to them, especially the ones with the metal “fringe” pieces

2. Versatile: in an “I can wear this to a wedding and the office” kinda way

3. Color: from rich turquoise to sexy lapis, the colors Rachael pairs together are always alluring

Demimonde jewelry

I know exactly what you’re thinking and yes, I want them all, too.

Stop by soon to see what pieces have taken up temporary residence in our shop!



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First Thursday August 7th with Caravan Pacific.

Posted by Anna

Calling all Portland residents with hair! We are amping up our First Thursday game this summer and for the August 7th event, we’re super excited to partner with Shannon from another handmade Portland line, Caravan Pacific. We’ll be hosting a release party for modern metal hair ties designed by Shannon and manufactured by Studio ERG.

First Thursday Portland, OR

Available in brass and copper, these simple hair accessories are made for the modern woman: easy to wear and style, keeping strands in place while seamlessly transitioning from day to night looks. Each purchase gets you complimentary braiding by Portland Jill-of-all-trades, Emily Katz. Shop our entire store, sip, snack, and socialize from 6-9pm.
Oh! And because we never tire of showing off the rad things our friends make, we’ll be carrying the hair ties in our shop going forward.
See you Aug. 7th with your ready-to-be-coiffed manes!
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Rose City Summer: Suzy.

Posted by Anna

Portland summer


We had a few days of summer rain and gloom this past week, but the weekend ahead is looking hot and glorious, ripe for river trips &/or camping adventures. Luckily Suzy, our Retail Manager and next Rose City Summer guide, knows all the right places to camp, river (yeah, I’m using ‘river’ as a verb), and imbibe. With some gentle nudging, I convinced her to share some of her Portland summer favorites. The rest? You’ll have to read on to learn the best way to get those secrets out of her!

Where I park it: After work on warm summer evenings you’ll find me at The Fields Park, lounging on a blanket with a good book and having a picnic dinner with my husband.  It’s the perfect place to watch the sun set while looking out over the Fremont Bridge.  The view of the old industrial buildings near the park and the sound of trains entering and leaving the nearby station add to The Field’s urban charm.

Summer SustenanceNavarre is one of my favorite restaurants in town, and you can always count on them to offer amazing small plates with delicious seasonal ingredients.  There’s a server there who’s spot on her wine recommendations, and the entire staff is really friendly.  Start with the bread from Ken’s Artisan Bakery with grassy olive oil, order a few of their seasonal vegetable dishes (recent favorites: grilled spring onions with chimichurri; simple fresh peas and mint) and make sure to save room for the Basque cake for dessert.  Try to get a table near the window or out on the sidewalk – the way the evening light hits Navarre in the summer is magical.

Go-to body of water: My favorite river and lake hang outs are secrets – I like privacy!  But take me out for a drink and I’ll probably let you in on one or two of those secrets.

Oregon lakes

Some of Suzy’s favorites (shh, don’t tell) L to R: Little North Santiam River, Timothy Lake, Clackamas River // Photos courtesy of Suzy

Summer in a glass: Asking me to choose my favorite summer beverage is like asking a parent to choose his or her favorite child.  I can’t play favorites… I choose them all!  I take Radler in a can to those secret water hideaways. Cocktails at Paymaster are totally refreshing on a hot day.  For a casual drink on a summer evening I head to Base Camp Brewery. I recommend grabbing a few of their lightweight bottles to take with you camping and backpacking.  And a glass of wine at Luce is perfect for a romantic summer night.

refreshing summer drinks

Vino forever at Luce & Base Camp Brewing beer bottles on a July camping trip // Photos courtesy of Suzy

What betsy & iya piece I’ll be living in: Fremont Bridge cuff – no question.  I feel like a bad ass in that piece.  And it makes for cool tan lines.

Summer uniform: Something sleeveless in black, grey, or blue.  Bathing suit underneath (you never know when a river may call).  Stack of brass bangles on my wrist.  Teeny little studs or big, bold, brass hoops in my ears – nothing in between.  Add sleeves and take away the bathing suit and you’ve got my winter uniform, too.

Activity or event of choice: Camping and backpacking.  Every.  Single.  Weekend.  I live all year in anticipation of Northwest summer camping.  The hiking, the views, the dips in rivers and lakes, the campfire cooking, the star-gazing, the morning coffee… it all adds up to perfection to me.  I’ve become particularly fond of spots on the east side of Mount Hood.  And for the longer backpacking trips, the Wallawa Whitman National Forest is dreamy.

Share your #SUMMERSELFIE: Did you not read my bio on our Meet the Team page? I’m the curmudgeon at the shop.  No selfies.  No hashtags.  Come see me in person at the shop!

Alright, Suzy, we’ll oblige. Only because you seem to know the best of the best when it comes to all things Portland summer! And I kinda want to test what other secrets you’ll tell me after a few drinks….

Follow Suzy’s adventures this summer, and all year, on her blog sulu-design.



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Rose City Summer: Amory

Posted by Anna

Summer fun in Portland, OR

You think you know a person and then you go and ask him/her probing questions about summertime! The thing I love most about putting together these posts about summer fun in Portland is getting to know my coworkers even better. Things I’ll be asking Amory after reading this post: “how the heck did you know that about sea stars?” and also “when are you going to make me a grapefruit skin cake?” Don’t fight the intrigue; read on!

Where I park it: Wherever Movies in the Park is happening! It’s great: pick a film, pick a park, pack a picnic, and enjoy Portland at is best.  After hearing “Let it Go” said a few too many times in the studio, I decided to check out Frozen at Hazeltine Park.  Disney, you’ve come a long way since I last watched ya.

Summer SustenanceLardo.  Korean Pork Shoulder salad.  That’s right, salad, not sandwich.  Fun Lardo fact: (almost) any sandwich can be made into a salad served with beautiful greens in a huge shiny metal bowl.  So good I had it three times one week…

Lardo Portland, OR

Photo courtesy of Lardo

Go-to body of water: The coast.  I love tidal pools and the ruggedness of the Oregon coast.  Did you know sea stars can send their stomachs outside of their bodies to feed?!? Editor’s Note: NO/mind blown!!!

Summer in a glassBrew Dr. Kombucha.  Fave of the moment is Nutri-berry.  Mix Nutritonic with Superberry for new levels of awesomeness.  And when you drink it a liter at a time, be comforted by the fact you’re consuming 4.4 billion live and active cultures at a time.

Brew Dr. Kombucha

Photo courtesy of @brewdrkombucha on Instagram

What betsy & iya piece I’ll be living inBrooklyn Bridge cuff paired with a leather bangle.  I just can’t get enough of this combo!

Amory’s favorite combo on display as she digs into her birthday cake!


Summer uniform: Black tank top, pinstriped tights and climbing shoes.  It’s my climbing formal wear.

Activity or event of choice: Camping in any beautiful spot.  New favorite camping activity: baking cakes in grapefruit peels in the campfire.

Share your #SUMMERSELFIE: Overheard in the shop: “does it count as a selfie if someone else takes the picture?”  Some of us are just a bit slower than others…here’s me at my best: Summertime in Yosemite.

“LIFE IS GOOD” -Amory, in this moment

Like the true Renaissance woman that she is, Amory takes full advantage of all Portland summer has to offer. Follow her lead and feed your body, mind, and spirit and good times surely await!



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