betsy & iya Personal Stylist: The Good Scarf.

Posted by Ashley Viberg

The colder days are upon us and it’s time to layer up; here’s one accessory you won’t want to be without.

Whether you are a minimalist or an accessory junkie, the versatility of the Good Scarf by good hYOUman makes it a wardrobe essential.

Scarves are an ongoing trend and and always seem to make an outfit. Might I add that they aren’t  just for the sake of style but have a purpose, to keep you warm. The Good Scarf in particular is awesome because it keeps you cozy without adding bulk. If you are not a fashion enthusiast, it still looks great when its wrapped up and looks a bit unkempt.

good scarves

 There’s nothing not to love about this scarf: it’s unisex, extremely soft (50% cotton and 50% modal), and you can pretty much wrap it any way your heart desires.

scarf colors

The Good Scarf is $32 and comes in these sophisticated colors for fall: black, deep plum, cilantro, midnight, storm, & cloud (not pictured).

I know for myself the hardest part will be deciding which color. If you know me, it’s probably more like which two colors.




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Bring it, Fall (Part 2).

Posted by Anna

In Bring it Fall, Part 1 I shared a sure sign of the impending fall season in our corner of NW Portland, spiced tea. Now that we’re 1/2 way through October (what the what?), another sign of the times has crept in our kitchen cabinets. Ladies & gentleman, Wellness Pills!

We’ll be doling out these bad boys like candy from now until May. I expect a call about an endorsement deal any day…

Be well,


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OOTD: On the Move.

Posted by Anna

All I gotta say about this first photo is “outta the way, I got biz to conduct!” This is how I’d like to always imagine myself: walking with purpose, determined face, and in a super comfortable dress that’s pretty much like wearing a giant black T-shirt.

black tee ootd2

I like this dress so much I bought two of them knowing it’ll be a perennial staple in my wardrobe for many seasons to come. I love wearing black because it’s the perfect canvas to showcase what really matters: JEWELRY. The turquoise handlet I’m wearing is in my top 5 favorite pieces of all time (side note: why doesn’t spell check recognize “handlet” as a word??). I spotted it in an antique store in Noblesville, IN over Christmas last year and didn’t purchase it right away. Mistake! I couldn’t stop thinking about it after I returned to Portland so I enlisted my beloved mother (hi, MJR!) to go back and get it for me, with the agreement I’d make payments on it. Which I’m pretty sure I’m past due on, so I better sign off and get to my checkbook…


Black T-shirt Dress by Project Social T from Urban Outfitters

Ava Slip by Folly

Shoes by Via Spiga

Sunglasses by Quay from Yo Vintage!

Vintage jewelry



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HBD, Maker Monday!

Posted by Anna

I realized this week that we’ve already passed the one year anniversary of our Maker Monday video series on Instagram. That means, with the help and patience of my coworkers, I’ve made somewhere between 40-45 videos (even pro videographers need weeks off ;-) ) of our amazing production team in action. WOW. I’m seriously proud of this milestone, especially when I look back at our first video, posted on September 16, 2013. Click on the photo below to watch our humble beginnings in this series:

Maker Monday betsy & iya

How cute are those faces at the end?? The first video is a pretty random collection of clips, if I do say so myself. It was clear after this one that we needed to be really intentional about what we showed each week. Thus our current theme of showing the process, from separate materials to a single stunning piece, was born.

In contrast, here’s a video from two weeks ago introducing a new tool, a custom made Jig:

We’ve come a long way, baby! And we’ll keep going even further; Will recently spent some time showing me new tips and tricks for my filming and editing processes that has increased the quality of the videos. We’ve experimented along the way with a few series (“Machines of Maker Monday” was one I really enjoyed and learned a lot from) and I hope to do more of this with the next betsy & iya collection (hint, hint).

I’m also thrilled that the hashtag has taken on a life of its own. Our videos used to be the only media that showed up when clicking on #makerMonday; now, the tag has 496 posts. That’s way more than just betsy & iya represented! Makers all around the world are turning what many consider the roughest day of the week into a time to show off creativity and hopefully inspire others by doing so.

Maker Monday, I love you! Cheers to one year down & many more to go. Now, let’s dig into some celebratory cupcakes (Barrie, are you reading? Could ya make some celebratory cupcakes? Kthx.).


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