betsy & iya Production Studio 2016.

My, what a busy spring! In addition to welcoming three new people to our production staff, we retired 22 styles from the betsy & iya line in April and we are currently busy getting ready to introduce new jewelry (!!!) to the world. This time of year always makes me reflect on our buildout, which happened in May Read More

May Days.

What’s up, May? So far this month, we’ve successfully showered our moms with the love and adoration they deserve and celebrated the two-year anniversary of our expansion (yeah, I can’t even believe how quickly time has passed!). Looking forward, I gotta blurt out what I’m most excited about right now: we now have select CLOTHING online! Read More

Double your in-store rewards now- July 5th!

Think there’s absolutely nothing that can make Mondays & Tuesdays cool? Think again. Introducing the best thing to happen to the first two days of the work week probably ever: double Perkville points when you make a purchase in our Thurman St. brick & mortar on Mondays and Tuesdays now- July 5th. This special promotion is for members Read More

Jumpsuit Joy.

To say we were all excited when this 100% cotton jumpsuit by Curator arrived in-store is an understatement. More accurately, we squealed like school children on the last day of class. It’s simply everything you want out of a one-piece number: lightweight, yet sturdy enough so that it’s not see-through, flattering on the waist and Read More

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016.

Mom jokes, mom jeans, mom blogs, mom quotes. Moms are having a MOMent (see what I did there?) and we couldn’t be happier. It is with love and adoration for our own mothers that we present our favorite ways to show the special lady/ladies in your life the magnitude of your appreciation on May 8th and Read More

April, what’s good?

In the grand tradition of March going out like a lamb, we’ve experienced several spurts of pure springtime magic here in Portland during the first few days of April. The time of year for spontaneous park trips, opening windows for restorative fresh air, and when “let’s take a walk” is a fitting solution for any problem Read More

SALE: 20% off Retired Styles while they last!

Our Retirement Sale is on in-store and online! Click here to shop 20% off while supplies last. Out with the old, in with the NEW! It’s that time of year when we edit the betsy & iya line and say “thanks for your years of service” to pieces that will no longer be produced. To give Read More

OOTD Spring Vibes.

SPRING CLOTHING! Yes, all-caps + bold + exclamation point are all necessary because I’m shouting it from my desk while writing this post and seeing the sun intermittently shine through the office windows. I’m so ready to retire my wool socks, boots, and rain coat for a while and even though I know the time Read More

betsy & iya & bowling.

One of our mantras at b&i is don’t do anything halfway; do it with your whole, awesome self, and do it well. It’s no surprise that we approach our all-staff outings with the same spirit of “going all out” in an effort to spend quality time together outside of work. Since we started doing them, we’ve hit Read More

New arrivals online!

Hello, March, and helllooooooo to a whole lotta newness in the shop! A big part of what Suzy, Barrie, and I have been up to lately is adding more of the products we sell in our brick & mortar to our online shop as well. It’s been a super fun, rewarding endeavor and we hope Read More

Friendly House Pin.

Usually, betsy & iya custom work is solicited when a couple is getting ready to pledge to spend all of eternity together. Engagement and wedding sets have comprised the bulk of Betsy’s design work outside of betsy & iya collections. But last fall, a different kind of custom project came across Betsy’s bench that piqued her interest. It Read More

Behind the Bazaar.

We’ve been teasing you with glimpses of Bazaar goods for days, and you’re probably wondering, where exactly did these items come from? Who made them? And how did they get to us at betsy & iya? Read Suzy’s account of the buying trip that stocked us up for the betsy & iya Bazaar to answer all Read More

In-store SALE is on.

If I told you the outfit Barrie is wearing is 30% off, would you believe me? Well you should, because it is. And because I’d never lie when it comes to such important retail topics as ‘sale’ in relation to ‘cute outfit.’ Glad we cleared that up. In ALL honesty, select clothing, bags, and bath Read More

February 27th: betsy & iya Bazaar.

Our first BIG event of 2016 is going to be ah-mazing, if I do say so myself. Join us at the shop on Saturday, Feb. 27th for the betsy & iya Bazaar, where a market of textures, colors, and patterns await you from 10am-6pm. RSVP here and invite your friends! This event is unlike any other Read More

That February New New.

Signs of life are appearing, friends. And by life, I mean SPRING, of course. I’ve had a pretty one-track mind after a few breaks in the rain recently, and I’m happy to report that the shop is feeling the freshy fresh effects of blue sky and sunshine. The best part? There’s a ton more new Read More

Sale Jewelry for First Thursday, February 4th!

Awww yeah, we’re back for First Thursday action this February and we’re rolling out the ALL the as-is sale jewelry for your post-holidays/pre-Valentine’s Day perusing. The fun begins at 6pm on Thurs. Feb. 4th, and we’ll be open till 9pm. As you know, our sale jewelry doesn’t come out often, so kick off a fresh month with Read More

Unu Collection Lookbook is here!

The lookbook for betsy & iya’s Unu Collection is live! View the whole gorgeous thing online here. Released in Fall 2015, the 17-piece Unu Collection features earrings, necklaces, rings, and bangles in sterling silver, 14k gold-fill, brass, and bronze, as well as incorporating hand-spun fibers and colorful cord. The accompanying lookbook is a powerhouse of bold color, Read More

Sisterhood of the Casual Pants.

Behold, two gal pals who show up to their lunch date wearing THE SAME PANTS. Let’s see what happens. Stage one: Disbelief “Girrrrrl, you did not just roll up to this cafe wearing the same pants as me! It’s like we have similar tastes or something. Friendship is crazy.” “I KNOW. And I love how we decided Read More

New Year, New Must-Haves.

Happy 2016, dear b&i blog readers! We’re emerging triumphant from the post-holidays haze and ready to jump head first into a glorious new year. As per usual, we have tons of plans for 2016, most of which will be revealed in due time (c’mon, like I’d give away ALL our secrets this early in the year!). Read More

What to wear in the rain.

To say we’ve had a wet start to December would be extremely accurate. Everyone is allowed a few days of hibernation and reverting to the most functional of outfits, but eventually, something’s gotta give. You can’t just hole up and look a mess all winter! Not if we have anything to do with it. Here’s what Read More