Rose City Summer: Amory

Posted by Anna

Summer fun in Portland, OR

You think you know a person and then you go and ask him/her probing questions about summertime! The thing I love most about putting together these posts about summer fun in Portland is getting to know my coworkers even better. Things I’ll be asking Amory after reading this post: “how the heck did you know that about sea stars?” and also “when are you going to make me a grapefruit skin cake?” Don’t fight the intrigue; read on!

Where I park it: Wherever Movies in the Park is happening! It’s great: pick a film, pick a park, pack a picnic, and enjoy Portland at is best.  After hearing “Let it Go” said a few too many times in the studio, I decided to check out Frozen at Hazeltine Park.  Disney, you’ve come a long way since I last watched ya.

Summer SustenanceLardo.  Korean Pork Shoulder salad.  That’s right, salad, not sandwich.  Fun Lardo fact: (almost) any sandwich can be made into a salad served with beautiful greens in a huge shiny metal bowl.  So good I had it three times one week…

Lardo Portland, OR

Photo courtesy of Lardo

Go-to body of water: The coast.  I love tidal pools and the ruggedness of the Oregon coast.  Did you know sea stars can send their stomachs outside of their bodies to feed?!? Editor’s Note: NO/mind blown!!!

Summer in a glassBrew Dr. Kombucha.  Fave of the moment is Nutri-berry.  Mix Nutritonic with Superberry for new levels of awesomeness.  And when you drink it a liter at a time, be comforted by the fact you’re consuming 4.4 billion live and active cultures at a time.

Brew Dr. Kombucha

Photo courtesy of @brewdrkombucha on Instagram

What betsy & iya piece I’ll be living inBrooklyn Bridge cuff paired with a leather bangle.  I just can’t get enough of this combo!

Amory’s favorite combo on display as she digs into her birthday cake!


Summer uniform: Black tank top, pinstriped tights and climbing shoes.  It’s my climbing formal wear.

Activity or event of choice: Camping in any beautiful spot.  New favorite camping activity: baking cakes in grapefruit peels in the campfire.

Share your #SUMMERSELFIE: Overheard in the shop: “does it count as a selfie if someone else takes the picture?”  Some of us are just a bit slower than others…here’s me at my best: Summertime in Yosemite.

“LIFE IS GOOD” -Amory, in this moment

Like the true Renaissance woman that she is, Amory takes full advantage of all Portland summer has to offer. Follow her lead and feed your body, mind, and spirit and good times surely await!



***Song of the Moment: Bright Whites by Kishi Bashi***

Rose City Summer: Anna.

Posted by Anna

Summer fun in Portland, OR

Oh, HI! It’s my week to dish on my adopted hometown and let me just say that nothing can prepare you for the amazingness of Portland summer until you actually experience one. My first summer here was in 2009 and I’d  anxiously awaited the promised land of seasons, only to get hit with a wild heat wave, during which I spent a considerable amount of time with my head in my freezer in between cold showers. Growing up in the midwest, the thought of no air conditioning sent me into full  ”does not compute” mode, but after living here long enough, I know that it’s not necessary… most of the time. I’ll never forget seeing Sonic Youth at the Roseland Theater (no AC) that first summer and just dripping sweat standing still. Comfortable? Heck no. Memorable? Abso-freakin-lutely!

I swear I have more to discuss than sweat. Grab your favorite magazine, classic rock album, and a cold bev; let’s hang out, summer friend!

Where I park it: Like, Matty, I’m not much of a ‘park it’ girl. I much prefer to be on the move at all times, especially during the summer. If I am going to take a time out, I like to sit in Director Park downtown. It’s urban, ripe for people watching and within a stone’s throw of my holy trinity of needs: bathroom, coffee, and shopping.

Summer Sustenance: Fro Yo. Yep, I’m a frozen yogurt addict year round (self-serve only), but especially when it’s hot outside. I recommend TWIST, which is tragically close to betsy & iya, because they change their flavors so often and offer treats by Petunia’s and coffee from Ristretto Roasters.

Go-to body of water: I just made my first trip to the Washougal River over 4th of July weekend, and it was awesome! It’s about an hour drive, but so scenic and worth it to get to a water spot with no sand! I pack the stack of magazines I haven’t gotten around to reading and necessary sun protection and I’m good for a few hours.

Washougal River

View from the car // View from the rocks // Flower crowns & serious mugs with my friend, Sue

Summer in a glass: I hereby declare this the Summer o’ Booze Slushys. I love the wildly unique concoctions the Bye and Bye has been offering in their slushy machine! Refreshing and mood boosting.


Slushys, good. Booze slushys, BETTER! Photos courtesy of @byeandbyeportland on Instagram

What betsy & iya piece I’ll be living in: I wear my hair up more in the summer, which is perfect for showing off my pair of Cathedral Park hoops. I love that they’re different from every angle. I’ll also continue my typical rotation of betsy & iya heavy wrist and hand adornments, as seen below (L to R: Scania cuff, Redundant Chevron ring, Puebla ring, plus one beaded & two vintage brass bracelets).

betsy and iya_soaking up the sun3

Summer uniform: Maxi skirts + loose tees or tanks. Vintage dresses. Birkenstocks (I’ve liked them since forever, OKAY?!?).

Activity or event of choice: All the shopping events! I love Portland Flea all year, but especially in the summer because it’s nice to be outside and shop at the same time. They also just started a monthly Sunday Emporium which puts Flea vendors in home wares store, Rejuvenation. Those events, coupled with all the street fairs make for so many opportunities to see amazing goods and socialize with my retail peeps, all while working on my tan.

Portland Summer

Fro Yo for lunch because YOLO // Recent Make-it-Good/Nell & Mary sale // Legs or Hotdogs at another fave summer spot, Sauvie Island


Phone reflected in my shades? CLASSIC selfie moment!!! #nomakeup #definitelyfiltered

Have car, will river trip, shop, and imbibe with you! Just give a holler, my friends.



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Instagram Roundup: #destinationbetsyandiya Weeks One and Two.

Posted by Anna

We launched our #destinationbetsyandiya Summer Instagram contest on June 20th and ever since, we’ve been glued to our feed (more than usual) to see what adventures you’re having in your betsy & iya. Click here to catch up on all entries thus far and thanks to all who’ve shared pictures with us!

Contest weekly winners get a $50 betsy & iya gift certificate, are entered to win the Grand Prize, and have their photo reposted alone on our feed. During the 8 week contest, our Instagram Roundup blog posts will be dedicated to highlighting more of these amazing entries.

Keep in mind that we announce weekly prompts on the betsy & iya Instagram on Sunday nights. Including these themes – preferably in a creative way – will catch the eye of our staff judge of the week and increase your chances of winning!

betsy & iya instagram contest

Top Row, L to R
@jessikag ”My two Bali fashion staples…. My beloved betsy & iya jewelry and Flash Tattoos. Everywhere I go my b&i treasures come with!” Yes. You get us, Jessika. I spy a Night Watch ring, Dalia bangle, and set of Leather bracelets along with gorgeous body art (temporary and permanent!), a subtly sweet mani, and local flora.

@marsbarelizabeth Maren blogs over at Bureau of Chic and was featured in our “Eat, Drink, Wear betsy & iya Instagram Roundup.” I’ve been anxious to see if some of our “regulars” on Instagram would get into the contest, and I was thrilled when I saw Maren’s entry of her Redundant Chevron ring accompanying her on a bike ride around Copenhagen, Denmark.

@ktcam Katie got so creative with her interpretation of last week’s fireworks theme with this cute selfie and caption “Freckles- the fireworks of the face.” Um, adorable much?? Her Scania cuff and Deadly Nightshade earrings are the perfect summer combo, don’t ya think?

Bottom Row, L to R
@jaderoseblog Jade is from Portland, but living abroad in England and I love following her adventures across the pond. I was so happy when I saw her entry captioned “Brought a little Portland to Pisa with my St. Johns cuff! Saying goodbye to Italy with gelato and a view!” Can we talk about how real my jewelry envy is right this moment??

@lwoltermckinley Lisette is a blogger – among other things – in  Seattle and this photo, which fit perfectly with week one prompt “picnic.” Among her “summer essentials” is our Redundant Chevron ring, which looks awesome against the blue and white stripes of her dress.

@heavenmcarthur Heaven is a woman on the go, and is often including her Fremont Bridge cuff in her Instagrams, much to my delight. This sexy moment captioned “too hot to keep driving … Made an emergency stop to splash about in the icy water in the middle of the Deschuttes River in warm springs.” Again, about that jewelry envy…

From biking the streets of Copenhagen to the Padma Resort in Bali, we hope your destination always includes betsy & iya!

Keep grammin’ good people,


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Outfit of the Day: Chambray Vrksasana.

Posted by Barrie

I’ve been taking some yoga classes and wanted to show off my Vrksasana Tree pose in my newest chambray romper! You like?

betsy and iya_ barrie chambray romper

betsy and iya_ barrie chambray romper2

betsy and iya_ barrie chambray romper3

betsy and iya_ barrie chambray romper4

betsy and iya_ barrie chambray romper5


Romper & Sandals from Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses by Retro Super Future from Palace

Necklace from Free People

Bracelets, vintage

Golden Gate cuff by betsy & iya

Rings by betsy & iya


I might have some work to do on my yoga practice… and my tan. #toopale




***Song of the moment: The Jean Genie by David Bowie***