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I recently spent some time, ok a lot of time, going through the photo archives here at b&i in an effort to streamline our cataloging. I filed, I moved, and I even trashed hundreds of photos that we’ve accumulated throughout our nearly 7 years as a business.

My favorite files to wade through? The ones that held Betsy’s old OOTD posts. Yeah, she was doing OOTDs before hashtags. I thought back to the early days of this blog – circa 2008-2009 – when blogging was still fairly new, and how Betsy stood out even then thanks to the frequency of her posts and the personality that came through her writing. No where is this personality on display more than in her outfit of the day documentations that not only show off her style, but also her old studio and often a glimpse at long retired designs.

Join me, won’t you, in this OOTD History Course?

betsy & iya ootd

Cute Betsy + a glimpse at several early designs.

ootd portland, or

Smizing before it was a thing in her first studio on NW 17th & Raleigh.

ootd portland, or

I just love this powder blue dress!

ootd portland, or

Classic mirror selfie to show off what was then a new design.

ootd portland, or

Clearly by this point, she’d gotten good at this posing thing. Bonus: this door is still in our shop today! Can you spot it?

Hope you enjoyed this vintage OOTD visual diary. As someone who puts off tasks like organizing files till the point of necessity, I was surprised that I actually enjoyed this project, largely because of photos like these that tell so much of a story about where we’ve been & how far we’ve come.

Thank you Betsy, for always being ahead of your time and making even the most mundane tasks more fun!



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New in Shop: Bounty from Tucson!

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betsy & iya brick and mortar portland, or

It’s that glorious time of year again when Betsy & Will have returned from the Tucson Gem Show bearing many one-of-a-kind items for our shop. This bodes well for you, dear shopper, as you get the best of the bounty from Tucson right here in Portland! Here’s what you can expect:

Top row, L to R: 

- Vintage turquoise & sterling silver rings from Navajo, Hopi, & Zuni tribes. Please call or stop by for pricing info!
- A comfortable, colorful snooze is only $39 away! That’s a satisfied napper if I’ve ever seen one.
- We had these beaded cuffs for a few weeks last year before they sold out. Take it from me who has one, they are the perfect addition to your  spring/summer outfits! $24-$54

Bottom row, L to R:

- Indigo wraps, used here as a scarf on Barrie, $130
- Woven baskets from Afghanistan & Senegal, $16-64
- Oh yeah, that’s right, more turquoise. Enough said (seen?). Please call or stop by for pricing info!

As per usual, come visit us or call the shop for more information/to purchase: 503-227-5482, option 5.

Now that it’s my second year witnessing this influx of unique goods, I can say with good authority that they won’t last long. Come get ‘em while they’re here!



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Power of the Purse Event.

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Early March means longer days, flower buds, and for us, the Power of the Purse event! It’s our fifth year participating in this fundraiser that supports girls inc. of the Pacific Northwest. The event itself is on Friday, March 6th, and turns ten years old this year. The Power of the Purse gives attendees the opportunity to shop for a great cause and bid on one-of-a-kind purses designed by some of Portland’s most notable leaders, artists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists which are then produced by local purse makers.

Power of the Purse event portland, or

betsy & iya will be there selling our jewelry, including pieces from You + Me, pt. 1! Get dressed up, grab a pal or two, and purchase tickets to the Power of the Purse event online here.

Shop on, good people of Portland!


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Miss Popular: the Ayni Necklace.

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Given sales, what I’ve overheard online, and customers’ reactions in the shop, the Ayni necklace from You + Me, pt. 1 is an early favorite from our newest collection. I have my theories why – it comes in two lengths, it’s versatile enough for the office or “da club,” and, like most of our pieces, it won’t break the bank – but let’s not forget that it’s also just a darn beautiful necklace. Sometimes, it really is that simple why people gravitate to a particular piece.

This Maker Monday video shows just how this necklace gets its swag. Not surprising, Matty has a lot to do with it. Here we see him start the process by measuring and cutting sterling silver snake chain, making that oh so satisfying “snap” noise. Next is lighting the torch to prepare for soldering, which clearly is very exciting. Watch him solder the snake chain on either side of the cast bronze focal piece, then use his pliers to give an extra tug to test the strength of the solder point. He then cleans up the focal on the polishing cabinet and attaches our signature clasp and closure to finish. This necklace also comes in a 32 inch version, which slips over the head.

No wonder this necklace is such a hit, eh?

Keep up with all our makers’ work on Instagram @betsyandiya!


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