Giving > Receiving.

Posted by Anna

In lieu of giving each other gifts this year or coordinating a White Elephant exchange, we decided to contribute money to an extremely worthy nonprofit, Friends of the Children, as a way to give back to our community that we love so much.

Betsy & Will loved the idea so much that they generously agreed to match whatever we raised as a staff; the real holiday magic is that an anonymous donor to Friends of the Children will match any donations received . That means our donation doubled, twice! SO RAD.

Per their website, the mission of Friends of the Children is “To provide our most vulnerable children a nurturing and sustained relationship with a professional mentor who teaches positive values and has attainable expectations for each child to become a healthy, productive member of the community.” We all feel lucky to be employed and among loved ones this holiday season, but know that there are thousands of young people who aren’t as privileged as we are.

Friends of the Children Portland donation

Any reason to make a giant fake check, amirite?

With the anonymous donor’s match, we’ll end up giving $2000 to Friends of the Children. Our gift will go to those less fortunate kids aforementioned in the organization’s mission, and that makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside (and the office runs cold, so that’s saying something….). Also, new life goal is to someday be an “anonymous donor.” How completely selfless and amazing!!!!

Those of us at our regular Wednesday staff meeting are seen here posing with the $1000 we raised. I do want to note that ALL of us contributed to the amount, so even though Allison, Ann, Elizabeth, Meridith, & Tess aren’t pictured, their donations are represented in the amount!

Thanks for the work you do, Friends of the Children, and thanks to my coworkers & bosses for your generosity.

More warm, more fuzz,


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betsy & iya Gift Guide Bonanza!

Posted by Ashley Viberg

Holiday Gift Guide

brought to you by b&i

I used these whimsical Laura Berger prints as inspiration for these gift guides. The best part? Every single thing pictured is sold in our shop and is guaranteed to please a variety of people on your shopping list. Don’t waste another moment of precious gift shopping time! Come see us 10am- 6pm through December 24th.

betsy & iya gifts betsy & iya gifts betsy & iya gifts

I’m sorry, was there anything else you need? Didn’t think so. ;-)

If you have any questions about these items, feel free to call us at 503-227-5482, option 5.



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Holiday Party Fun 2014.

Posted by Anna

It’s that time of year when social schedules are packed and if you’re like me, your go-to festive outfit is always laying out on a chair, just waiting to make its next appearance (slightly wrinkled, definitely not 100% clean, but ready nonetheless). After last year’s holiday dinner amazingness wherein we wined & dined at Tasty n’ Sons until they closed, I was most def looking forward to our party this year at our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Besaw’s. Spoiler alert: it did not disappoint.

betsy & iya staff

It was dark and we were in a dimly lit restaurant, which wasn’t ideal for taking photos, but I love these pictures because they capture real moments of us outside of work, only slightly filtered ;-). Last year, there were 10 of us total; this year, we almost tripled with the inclusion of many plus ones. Together, we can fill a restaurant, and that is pretty dang cool to see.

Top row, L to R:

  • Surprise! We all thought we only had the patio reserved, but when we walked in, turns out we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. Besaw’s, you guys absolutely made our night as special as it could possibly be.
  • Obviously a group shot was my third priority (numbers 1 and 2 involved steak and wine…). This is dark & maybe even a bit blurry, but I love it so much! Please note the raised arms.
  • Gratuitous Channa shot because we both wore sparkles.

Bottom row, L to R:

  • Feasting! The food was so good. Highlights for me were fried pickles (chips, v. important distinction), Suzy & I destroying a cheese plate meant for many people to share, and a giant slice of chocolate cake for dessert. Also, as aforementioned, I love steak. I nearly busted the zipper of my shorts romper (#shromper), but it was worth it.
  • Speech, speech, speech! “Where we are now is a dream I didn’t even know I had.” – Betsy *cue waterworks from staff*
  • Motto for the night, and wise words for life in general

Thank you again, Besaw’s, for your amazing hospitality. Thank you Betsy & Will for treating us like Kings & Queens.

Already excited for next year, is that weird?

Happy Holidays, dear readers!


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OOTD: Fashion Blogger Chic.

Posted by Anna

Oh, my sweet BChan. Over my time at b&i, I’ve come to think of Barrie as my little sister. We tease, we understand, we collaborate. We even have a name – Channa – that binds us, as if we were a celebrity couple (I like to think that we are in our own way). Barrie is sassy in the best possible way and will often declare “I look good today,” when she is particularly killing it in the outfit department. This is usually a precursor to an OOTD shoot, and an Instagram capture for her personal account –> @onequirkypeach. Which, for the record, features a lot of uncredited photos by me. ;-)

I call this look “fashion blogger chic.” All the classic elements of a Pinterest-perfect ensemble are present: trendy print worn with an otherwise neutral palate as to not overwhelm a small frame/the eyes of onlookers, high socks peeking out over broken-in flat boots, a standout accessory, and not too-messy-not-too-styled hair. Girl’s got it all plus a thigh gap. Bow down.

Now, let’s check out these fashion blogger-worthy poses. Werk/werq/WORK, Barrie!

ootd portland oregon

“Just twirlin’ all carefree in my cardig…..OMIGOSH, CAMERA!!! I did not see you there!!!! *flashes megawatt smile*”

ootd portland oregon

“You did not just ask if I got this dress at Kohl’s.”

ootd portland oregon

“Me & this imaginary rock? We have an afternoon kick sesh every Friday at noon!”

ootd portland oregon

“Sometimes my hair gets in my face. See, I’m just like YOU!”

***break for color spotting***

ootd portland oregon

“Actually, I’m not just like you. Does the back of your dress look this good? Didn’t think so.”

ootd portland oregon

“What? Someone asked to see my necklace!”


Dress by Groceries Apparel

Cardigan by Urban Outfitters

Socks by American Apparel

Boots by Aldo

Jalisco necklace by betsy & iya

I did mention above that we like to tease each other, so Barrie knows that this post that pretty much pokes fun at bloggers at her expense, is all in jest. Good thing I now control OOTD land here on the blog, or I’d definitely fear retaliation….

Until next time,


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