Outfit of the Day: Casual Crowns.

Posted by Barrie

I’ve only recently discovered the awesomeness of braid crowns. I was totally inspired by Betsy when she rocked her crown and I needed to figure out a different hair style other than my usual top knot. With an up-do that lends itself to my Game Of Thrones addiction, I didn’t want to overdo the outfit so I went with something casual but still chic. *Insert theme song as you scroll through*

betsy and iya_casual crowns

betsy and iya_casual crowns2

betsy and iya_casual crowns3

betsy and iya_casual crowns4

betsy and iya_casual crowns5

betsy and iya_casual crowns6


Top from J.Jill

Jeans by Gap

Shoes by Old Navy

Silver cuff from a flea market

Fremont cuff by betsy & iya

Sandstorm necklace by betsy & iya

Rings from betsy & iya



***Song of the moment: Sympathique by Pink Martini***

Inspired by: TED TALKS “What’s It Like To Hear Color?” By Neil Harbisson.

Posted by Barrie

I wanted to save this TED Talk for our next staff meeting but I couldn’t wait! It is absolutely awe inspiring. I don’t want to give away too much, but the speaker, Neil Harbisson, was born without the ability to see color–now before you drop your jaw and say “What?!” it’s called Achromatopsia–and with some ultimate cyborg action Harbisson now lives with a camera attached to his head that sees color and transmits it to his brain through sound waves. Long story short: Harbisson hears color.

I found this talk through the TED Talk Radio Hour: “Extrasensory“ episode. I really suggest listening to this talk as well as the watching the video, they both have nuances that tantalize the eyes & ears.



Did you watch it? Wasn’t it amazing?!?! Harbisson has accomplished something that humans didn’t even realize could be accomplished because it’s never crossed our minds. One of my favorite parts about his talk is when he says, “knowledge comes from our senses,” and it’s so true! We don’t realize how our senses have cultivated our lives and the way we perceive things and learn. And what if we went further than hearing color? What if we started to taste music, or smell through touch? So many possibilities! Just mind boggling. Any other words I try to write won’t do this talk justice, so if you haven’t watched it yet please do. :)



***Song of the moment: Sound & Vision covered by The Sound and Cake***

Outfit of the Day: Sass in the Sun.

Posted by Barrie

When it comes to photo shoots I can always count on Betsy to give me some  real energy & sass. Not only in her personality but also in her outfit! I’m a huge fan of mixing prints & patterns and Betsy is rocking it right now.

betsy and iya_betsy sass in the sun

betsy and iya_betsy sass in the sun2

betsy and iya_betsy sass in the sun3

betsy and iya_betsy sass in the sun4

betsy and iya_betsy sass in the sun5


Dress from Scout & Molly’s

Cardigan from Nordstrom

Leggings from Parts + Labour

Boots by Swedish Hasbeens from Lizard Lounge

Night Shield necklace by Takara

African bangle & Navajo bead bracelet from betsy & iya

Durango & Puebla rings by betsy & iya




***Song of the moment: Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard by Paul Simon***

Instagram Roundup.

Posted by Anna

Our unfiltered opinion on the images that make us double tap with delight:

betsy & iya on Instagram

1. @saplingpress: Things that will never get old: VISITORS!!!!! If this whole series isn’t testament enough to the fact that we love interacting with people, then I’m here to tell you flat out: we love interacting with people (in person & online!). Lisa Krowinski is designer of Sapling Press, a line of letterpress cards based in Pittsburgh, PA that we carry in the shop. She stopped in for a visit recently & shared this great shot of our store with a caption thanking us for a necklace she purchased while here. Lisa, that’s the next Instagram I want to see from you!

2. @jfayestarr: Jessica was the second place winner of our “Month of Love” short story contest last year and posted this photo of the holy trinity of Instagram awesomeness: nails, jewels & an assisted selfie. I’m especially fond of the way her manicure color compliments the Mexico colorway of her Durango ring. Details matter!!!

3. @schoolofvintage: Erin & Jeannine at our stockist School of Vintage in New Jersey never cease to bring a smile to my face on social media. The ladies are funny, fabulous merchandizers, and super awesome friends to betsy & iya. Captioned “Who needs to wear a shirt when you have this fabulous high waisted vintage corduroy skirt on with a killer betsy & iya necklace? WHO?”, this photo pretty much sums up my own sensibilities when it comes to accessorizing: start with a great jewelry piece & go from there (even if that means you don’t get further than a skirt!).

4. @youngbloodboutique: Another one of our beloved stockists, Jessie & Rebecca of Young Blood Boutique in Atlanta, have been killin’ it on the ‘gram lately. The shop recently moved to a new location and I am always excited to catch a glimpse of the impeccably decorated space & what new merchandise has arrived. They shared this adorable picture of Rebecca headed to a St. Patrick’s Day party. Note the pinch-proof green leather on her Catenary Ring necklace. No need to be camera shy, girl! We think you’re all kinds of adorable.

5. @curatorsf: We’ve had the pleasure of carrying clothing by Curator (made in San Francisco) in our shop for about a year, and as of last month, they now carry betsy & iya at their brick & mortar! They shared this gorgeous spread – if I do say so myself – of their first shipment, making us super blush-y & proud of our expanded partnership.

6. @schneiderlifeblog: Ann is a regular in our shop and posted a photo of her brass Redundant Chevron ring with a sweet note: “Dear betsy & iya, Thank you for making adorable adjustable rings that can be made to fit super swollen preggo fingers. Love always, Ann.” SO CUTE!!! I love this post because it opened my eyes to a way our jewelry makes women feel beautiful during a time when it’s more difficult to find ways to feel cute (or so I’ve been told). I’m also happy to report that since this post, Ann gave birth to a healthy baby girl! Cheers to another generation of betsy & iya family.

Go forth & filter,

xo Anna

***Song of the Moment: Walls by Beck***