PANTONE 18-4434. AKA, Mykonos Blue.

While Emerald is still 2013’s color of the year Pantone does an excellent job of creating seasonal trend reports on what they consider the seasons top color choices. Their Fall report features a variety of warm, muted tones, like the kinds you often see when the leaves turn or the classic center pieces at Thanksgiving dinner. But a cooler colorant caught my eye;  PANTONE 18-4434, to be exact. This code, also dubbed Mykonos Blue, is “bold, meditative, and relaxing.”

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Of course, naming this blue after the exotic Mykonos sets up a bit of longing for Spring and Summer with blue skies, blue water, and blueberries on the beach. But we can still feel this relaxation during the colder months! For example, try sipping your tea a little slower, curling your toes in your slippers, breathing in the damp air after rainfall, snuggling a puppy by the fireside, taking a bubble bath, and wearing a blue Snuggie (I know that you have one, we all do). And don’t forget to indulge in some new blue accessories for Fall like these shoes, this sweater, or these earrings.




***Song of the moment: Mykonos by Fleet Foxes***



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