Summer Favorites: Kate.


Favorite color for Summer

>>Light peach & lavender.

Favorite seasonal fruit(s) and/or vegetable(s)

>>Cucumber. It’s so good in water, on a sandwich, or just plain. It’s always cool and refreshing.

What song(s)/Artist(s) are on your Summer playlist?

>>Portugal. The Man is based in Portland! I like their song “The Sun.” San Cisco is a really cute summery band. “Lets Do It Again” by J Boog; not the kind of music I usually listen to but all of my friends and I listen to it when we get together so I had to put it in.

Favorite activity

>>Rugby! I love it. I tried a new position for me being flanker and I played sevens for the first time this summer and it was such a great experience, I can’t wait for it to start again in the fall!

***Wait a minute. Can we hold on for a second. Is that Kate?!? Our sweet, innocent Kate??? Holy cow…. Kate you are a BEAST!!! I would not want to make you angry. Go get ’em! ***

Favorite Summer smell(s)

>>The beach and sunscreen. These take me back to California vacations and grandma’s coconut tanning lotion.

Ultimate Summer vacation destination

>>Deutschland. I went there a couple of years ago and I’ve been dying to go back ever since, especially because I can speak some German now!

Describe to me your perfect Summer Soiree

>>Bonfire after a day at the beach with a big group of friends with s’mores and my more musically gifted friends playing guitar and singing and then finish the night with star gazing.

 ***Check out more of Kate’s summer favorites on her Pinterest page***

What a relaxing summer you’ve made for yourself, Kate…. except maybe the rugby. Still can’t get over how fierce you look!



***Song of the moment: The Sun by Portugal. The Man***

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