Summer Favorites: Alyssa.

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I’ve been waiting for this one. Finally, we get to see Alyssa’s Summer Favorites!!


Favorite color for Summer

Summer Favorites_ Alyssa

>>Can my favorite color be polka dots? I can’t resist it! Dresses, beach towels, pillows, I want it all!

Favorite seasonal fruit(s) and/or vegetable(s)

Summer Favorites_ Alyssa2

Technically both fruit & vegetable!

>>One of my most loved summer foods is ceviche. I can’t resist the glorious combination of seafood, chilies, and limes.

What song(s)/Artist(s) are on your Summer playlist?

Summer Favorites_ Alyssa6

>>Surf rock! My pandora station, based on The Ventures, is constantly playing.

Favorite restaurant to sit outside of

Summer Favorites_ Alyssa4

>>Por Que No? The back patio at the Hawthorne location is one of the most delicious places to go for happy hour and the decor really appeals to my inner hoarder!

Favorite activity

Summer Favorites_ Alyssa3

>>Going and hanging out with my family at Blue Lake. It’s really close and the water is always incredible!

Perfect Summer cocktail

Summer Favorites_ Alyssa5

>>At first, I was like, oh I’m not really a cocktail person, what a silly question. Then I was like, oh I suppose I do love a good old-fashioned, oh and a mojito is pretty irresistible on a hot day! And I couldn’t possibly pass up on a margarita! And sangria! How I love thee, sangria! Oh, and literally anything at Hale Pele tiki bar just aches of summer! Okay, you know me better than I know myself. I am totally a cocktail person.

***See more of Alyssa’s Summer Favorites on her Pinterest page***

Leave it to Alyssa to turn the color question into polka dots… Luckily, I deem it completely acceptable for Summer! Well done my love.

Cocktailkisses & polkadothugs,


***Song of the moment: Wipe Out by The Ventures***

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