Outfit of the Day: Matty’s Got Some Spring in his Step.

Matty came into work with a hot new pair of pants he found at Magpie. He paired these chic slacks with a casual tee and Toms for an urban-nautical-frenchmen look.




You know that feeling of pride and happiness when you find a something at a thrift store for $5 and you know you’re going to be able to wear it ALL the time!? Matt was so excited that he even did a little jig to celebrate his new wardrobe necessity, as well as the beautiful weather!





T-shirt by Gap

 Pants and Sunglasses thrifted from Magpie

Belt, thrifted

Shoes by TOMS

Leather Bangle (in new neutral colors) by betsy & iya (new colors coming to the website soon!)

Brooklyn Bridge cuff by betsy & iya

 Kudos, Matty! We are all super jealous of your new fancy pants. Tell me friends, what are some of your favorite thrift shop finds? Do tell! Mine is a classic, silk black blouse with a flowing, relaxed fit. It is my go-to for all holiday parties and fanciful occasions. :)




***Song of the moment: Burning Down The House by Talking Heads***

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