Item of the Week: Mighty Mighty Ship Earrings.

Posted by Barrie

Ahoy matey! Yikes… too cliché. Sorry, I just got super excited!

That is because this week’s item of the week are the powerhouse Mighty Mighty Ship Earrings.


There’s not much I can say about these since they pretty much speak for themselves. Or, I guess not so much “speak,” it’s more of a “roar!” The roar of the crashing waves and cannons being shot and pirates looking though their telescopes for treasure. All these adventures and more happening on your sweet little ears.

I love when people come into the shop and all of a sudden I hear, “WOW! Look at these!!!” Always brings a smile to my face.

When deciding what to wear with these show-stoppers you can go really simple like jeans and a cute T-shirt to let them shine, or have a little more fun and dress up like a sassy urban pirate:

mighty mighty ship earrings style board



James Chambray Tee at Anthropologie

Jaeger Resort Navy Vertical Stripe Maxi Skirt at Vintailer

Lilly Pulitzer Sadie Belt at Mabel & Zora

Infinity Scarf by J. Crew

Small Messenger Bag by Goertzen (available at our shop!)

Jodhpur Ankle Boots by Swedish Hasbeens

Mighty Might Ship Earrings by betsy & iya

Leather Bangles by betsy & iya

Night Watch Ring (Polished) by betsy & iya

Channeling my inner pirate made me want to go a little overboard with this outfit (hehe, get it? “Overboard?”) and add even more bangles and even a couple of necklaces… but then my inner stylist was like, “Whoa, hey there, bring it down a couple notches.” But I wouldn’t blame you for going a little crazy. ;)

Sail away, friends!



***Song of the moment: Come Sail Away by Styx***

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