Designer Interview: For Strange Women by Jill McKeever

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There is something so engaging and warm about a scent that you really love; with For Strange Women perfumes, I connect. Carrying Jill’s perfumes in the shop, I see so many customers that feel the same way too. From the sweet little lockets, to the botanical materials used, it is easy to see that Jill is thoughtful when it comes to her craft.
betsy and iya designer interview
betsy and iya designer interview
So let’s learn a little bit about her! Take it away, Jill!
Name:  Jill McKeever

Describe your personal style: Antiquarian Avande-Garde. I love to combine Victorian designs with rustic, earthy materials.

Favorite Food & Why: Vegetables (because they’re good).

Best Stress Reliever:  My cat, Onyx.

Favorite Hobbies:  Playing music (violin, synthesizers), sewing, crafting, learning.

Favorite Getaway: Lawrence, Kansas.

When and How did For Strange Women come to be?:  I tried working at a full time “real world job” and it was very stressful for me. I would make perfumes and bring them to comfort me when I was trapped at my desk all day, as an escape.. a mental teleportation. Then I decided to use my perfumes to share them with others while escaping from the office entirely…

What inspires you/your scents?: The animal world, natural curiosities, places I go, my friends (my muses)… and just experiencing the world from a childlike perspective. I also have synesthesia tendencies, so my senses become intertwined.

betsy and iya designer interview

Most rewarding part of your job: Connecting with all the other strange women out there. And men :)

Hardest part of your job: Keeping up with the Internet. In every way.

Favorite materials to work with: Scent, sound, texture.

If I wasn’t making perfumes, I’d be an: Aromatherapist, herbalist, natural healer.

Favorite b&i piece: The Arch’s Shadow Cuff.


Yay. What a lovely lady. Come into our shop to check out her scents! We are strange at betsy & iya, no doubts about it, so Jill’s perfumes feel right at home with us. My favorites are the Violet and Rose because of their fresh, soothing qualities.




***Song of the Moment: Feels Like We Only Go Backwards by Tame Impala***

(All photos provided by Jill and YSKA Photography)

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