OOTD: Gratuitous Picture(s) of Gingham.

Bless this little angel-puff. I’m constantly taking photos of this sweet, sweet heart so I thought I’d share today. Enjoy.

Gingham the dog Portland oregon goldendoodle betsy and iya




goldendoodle portland oregon betsy & iya



*Sigh* Let the record show that all these pictures were taken pre-shaven pup. Yes. Gingham is now walking around short-haired like a sheep in the summer. But! Regardless, she is my marshmallow lamb pop! Hopefully this warmed your spirits as much as it does mine.





***Song of the Moment: Bombay by El Guincho***

2 thoughts on “OOTD: Gratuitous Picture(s) of Gingham.

  1. I know this post was written a while ago but I came across it when trying to find picture ideas to give my dog’s groomer. I swear to God I thought this was my dog and was so confused. They could be twins! Gingham is adorable!

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