Mama Cross Contributes to Chocolate Tue-Wednesday.

By now you all know about betsy & iya’s popular weekly tradition of Chocolate Tue-Wednesday; starting as just Tuesday’s and then progressing into Tue-Wednesdays. Well, Betsy’s mom, Charlotte, is an avid reader of the blog / arguably betsy & iya’s biggest fan / the sweetest lady I have yet to meet. She sent us a whole box of delicious chocolates so we can continue the tradition!

On behalf of the entire b&i team we’d like to say, “THANK YOU MAMA CROSS!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!”

You have made us some very happy, happy clams… especially Alyssa, Matt, and me.

These two. <3


My favorites were the mint melts. Tiny little cubes of chocolatey & minty goodness. I really, really liked them…

There were probably a hundred of these guys when I first opened the box. *Munch munch munch munch munch munch*

Oh, Mama Cross, please come to Portland so we can all thank you in person! You’ve truly brightened our days and filled our tummies full of creamy,┬ámelty chocolate.

If any of you want to join us for Chocolate Tue-Wednesday please do! Aaaand if you wanted to bring some chocolate you might become our new favorite person. :)


Sweet, sweet love,



***Song of the moment: Lollipop by The Chordettes***

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