The Sticky Door…

Have you visited the shop lately? Were you able to open the door with minimal difficulty? If so, congratulations! If not, we apologize. It’s not you, we swear. Our door has gone rogue!

The door has always been a sticky door… but it all took a turn for the worst when Will applied new weather stripping to the door frame at the beginning of Winter (ironic?).


Ever since it’s been hard to open and close. Even Matt can’t get a hold on it…

An attempt to open the door…
He’s in! Now the attempt to close the door….
You can do it, Matty! Put your back in to it!


I’ve witnessed a lot of customers pushing, struggling, twisting, slamming, huffing and puffing, confused & embarrassed faces, double-backs to close the door people thought they’d already closed, I’m afraid someone’s going to hurt themselves soon! The good news is that it’s given me that much more exercise walking up to the door to either open or close it… Always a silver lining!

Again, my friends, I am sorry for the inconvenience. We’re not trying to keep you out, why would we do that?! We’re doing the best we can to fix the problem.

Consider it a gracious greeting. We have so much love in our shop that even the door wants to spend more time with you! Eh? Bright side I tell you.

Keep an eye out everyone. And in the mean time “squeeze hard & thenĀ push!”

Bunches of love!


***Song of the moment: Break On Through by The Doors***

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