Setting a bad (fashion) example.

I knew she was planning something; Betsy’s notoriously horrible at surprises, but terribly cute about it all. Surprise concealment efforts usually go something like:

Will: Do you want a cup of coffee, sweetie?

Betsy: Please don’t look at my texts until after Friday because I’m planning something special.

I knew something was up, but I had no clue what.  After all, most of our couple celebrations happen between August 9 and September 10.  We like to cram everything in one month.  Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.

Turns out this was not just a gift from Betsy; it was a full-staff gift.  It was the kind of thing you just hope someone would think up for your retirement party, only I’m 30 years old and this was just a random Friday in March.  The entire betsy & iya staff dressed up like me: tee shirt, pants, snazzy socks, and a watch on everyone.  What can I say … apparently, I think outside of different boxes than the ones clothes come in.

Man, I love my job.  Thanks, team.

***Song of the Moment: Silvia, by Miike Snow***

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